Beautiful Girls

Sunday, January 01, 2006
1/01/2006 02:23:00 PM
Slept only at ard 3 am last night and guess what? Was woken up by mom standing at the side of my bed witha glass of fruit juice at 8.30 am~! Aiyo~! Life's so sad on the 1st day of the year~! =S

As usual, before making my way out started to take some self posed pic..haha..guess I am just addicted to taking pic of myself bahz.. =p

Before Make-up

After Make-up

Well, anyway went to Red Star Restaurant to eat dim sum. Gosh who would ever guess that at 11am the place is already so full. The moment you enter into the restaurant all that you could see was "people mountain people sea"~! Luckily for us we did not have to wait long so shortly after was shown to our seats and started munching the dim sum and ordering basket after basket like there was no tomorrow. So as you can guess, we soon became filled up till our face was green. But well, at least out stomach was very much satisfied mahz..hehe

After satisfying our stomach, it was now time to satisfy our mind and eyes. We are going to see the progress of construction of our new flat in Punggol~! Yippee~!

The exterior of our flat

The little corner in my room ~ Gonna make it cosy =)

View from my room ~ Love the scenery far away

A small bathing corner..wonder if you are too big size will get stuck inside while bathing anot =P

Can't wait to move into the new house soon. Away from those cursed neighbur. Coz just as I was typing this blog entry they are again screeching their cow voice in their little hole again. Grrr..~!