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Monday, January 09, 2006
1/09/2006 06:02:00 PM
Today is the day of handing up my financial reporting assignment. Thought I was the only dumb one who can't do the questions...but seems like its not the case as there are others who were complaining about its difficulty too.. (-_-")

When I was asking the lecturer some questions during break time I also briefly grumbled to her about how "ridiculously" tough the assignment was...and her answer to that was.."Well, that's what the assignment is for, if it was so easy then why make it an assignment?" (-_-")

Well, my answer to her also made her pengz (I guess)..coz I told her in a-matter-of-fact tone..."Yupz...I knew it was tough and so that's why I only did 2 outa 4~!" Oopz~! Haha

Anyway when I was having lesson started to have craving for the wanton mee at Amoy Street Market. And is the craving a real great one. Coz I actually told Eddy that even if there is a hurricane I would also go down there and meet him to eat the wanton mee. This is despite the fact that he said the sky there was rather ominous. =P

And all thankz to my stinky mouth, it started to pour at my school awhile after I put down the phone. Well, too bad...maybe other days I might change my mind of going..but not today...coz I am too BLINDED by my craze le..haha

Lucky for me I've got some newspaper in my bag so I used that to cover my head as I made my way to the bus stop. Wonder why the school doesn't bother to place a covered linkway there...I mean this is only for the benefit of the students and staff of the school..not as if the rest of the public will get to use it...moreover we pay quite abit for the school fees, membership fees and other miscellaneous fees for god-knows what purpose its put for...

Anyway I walked to the bus stop with my head being protected by newspaper..I thought somehow I should feel proud of myself for being so resourceful to be able to protect my "little flat head" (Eddy knows the joke to this..hehe)..but conversely..I felt shy about it...coz I'm the only one who has such protection and it seems rather "Ah-soh" to be acting this way..tell me I am not wierd~! Haha

Waited awhile before Bus 75 came along..the bus driver was super friendly...fancy saying "Good afternoon" to all the passengers despite its been wet the whole nice... =)

In fact, at 1 point, I was looking around the bus for the slip of paper where its very common in places such as fast food outlets that nominate the staff for good service...Coz this is one service staff that deserves some commendation...Singapore really needs more of such just sorta helps brighten up someone's day~! Unlike some staff who are rude..grrr....

Well..of course as expected I satisfied my craving despite it being raining there...for a moment life's beautiful....too exaggerated? No..I mean it..haha

Now its back to work again..counting down to mock exam... =X