Beautiful Girls

Sunday, January 08, 2006
1/08/2006 11:22:00 PM
A totally rainy day today. A super nice day to sleep. But..sobx~! I can't coz I've got assignment to rush~! Ain't got any time to have my usual weekend afternoon nap and now my dark eye rings and eye bags are starting to show..what a sight~! =S

It's all becos' the assignment is due tomorrow morning. And here I am rushing least that was what I thought but as a matter of fact I could spend like almost 1 day on 1 question~! Aahh~! How am I going to clear the mock test which is coming in 2 months time? Sobx...

Then there is the idiotic neighbour I have next door. Somehow I just don't think that they are human. Coz they are behaving in a totally animalistic (is there such a word?) way..gosh..its a damn obvious that all their noise and laughter are so fake..obviously trying to provoke us or trying to prove to us that they are "smarter"? Walao..all the assholes in that puny house their age could add up to more than 200 years old and they are behaving like this still ~ Like as if their mind were still stuck in the stage of a baby. Totally childish~! Well, maybe I should not be tarnishing the image of the cute innocent babies coz those aint the behaviour of the angelic things..instead its that of creatures; beasts~! Grrr~!

Anyway..anyone out there reading this or has encountered any such neighbours or have ways of fixing them..share with me..Would really appreciate it alot.. =)

Haiz..So much for the nagging and all..its time to get back to work if not tomorrow I'll be dead meat.. =S