Beautiful Girls

Friday, January 06, 2006
1/06/2006 10:20:00 PM
Wahaha~! After much waiting its finally darling off day~! Met him at Khatib MRT before making our way to Orchard MRT~! Just as we were walking to the Burger King for breakfast..we came across a very nice exhibition. It exhibits beautiful pitures by nature..truly gorgeous pics there..Sad case thou..coz at that time I only was engrossed in taking photos..thou I did read the description there..but I forgot abt it~! =S

The name of the exhibition

Heart shape found in the middle of a forest...

The white part is actually glacier & the rainbow juz makes the pic more beautiful~! ^O^

Wow~! Exhilarating view~!

After having a sumptuous breakfast at Burger King. We made our way to East Coast Park. Aiyo..upon reaching there it started to pour heavily again..wabiang..wat kind of luck is this? Grrr~! But anyway we still manage to find a spot not very much affected by the drizzle and started our picnic despite the weather not being in our favour. Cannot waste 1 trip there right? Haha

Lucky for us the sky began to clear and could take our our food le..yummyz~! =P~~~

Nice crispy Hashbrown..Oopz~! That's me stealing some~! haha

Nice weather after the rain~! Yippee~!

Our food for the day~! A mess of them thou~! Haha~!

It was a fruitful day too. Coz darling taught me how to roller blade. Aiyo..what a scare its my 1st time on wheels lei..and he like not very nice lei..receive a few scolding from him for "not listening" to his instructions..And there was even 1 period where I almost tear the shirt he was wearing~! haha

But luckily for me I am a real "fast learner" lei..thou at the end of 2 hrs I am not an expert yet but at least I made progress and was not hanging on to dear life liao mahz~! Give me credit, man~! =P

Look at the pose. Cool rite? But actually the wheels are already threatening to move le..scared the hell outa me ar~! =P

That's me practicing the moves real carefully... the end of the session by toes and ankle hurts and worse of all..i felt as if I was blading still despite having changed into shoes le..haha

Well..before we left ECP..saw a rather cute signboard of a small stall so thought we should take a pic of it..

Cute Bunz~! The bite on the side of its head & its look makes it so adorable~!

We both also had a good talk. Made me realise that no one is really perfect. Sometimes things we don't say does not mean that it does not exist. What's important is that things should be talk out and also to be as honest to each other as possible..only then will a relationship work our rite.