Beautiful Girls

Monday, January 02, 2006
1/02/2006 02:28:00 PM
Was in a terrible state last night at ard 2+ am. Woke up with acute pain at the side of my rib cage. Could not even sit on the bed much less to walk to go to toilet. Thought I was gona die last night liao. But somehow guess after being tormented by the pain for like 1 hour I feel into a painful sleep again at around 4am. Haiz~

Woke up today and the 1st thing I did was to wan to go to see the doctor. It was rather unlike me to volunteer to see a doc as I simply hated going to see doc, spending all the money and eating the awfully tasting medicine. So you could guess how in pain I was to actually do that?

Eddy actually wanted to come down accompany me to the doc. But well, its will be rather bothersome so I said no need.

And gosh, its a public holiday. Means that I got to go to the 24 hr clinic. Aiyo, its so crowded there~! Almost wanted to forget about the doctor and go for breakfast instead..haha~!

The waiting experience was totally traumatising. Not only was there alot of people cramped up in the teeny weeny space of the clinic, there were also many playful (or irritating?) kids running about and making a nuisance of themselves. There was 1 baby who kept crying. I mean is like can't the parent do something like bring that kid out so that his loud screeches will not affect the others. I never thought any amount of coaxing will be of any use to the kid if he is a spoilt brat. Please have some consideration here. Here we have other sick patients here, why should your kid be here disturbing the peace of the others. Its as if they are not sick enough and have to tolerate ur kid eh?

Waited like what seems like eternity before it was my turn. A very friendly doctor. Makes the consultation session more pleasant and bearable I suppose?

Anyway found something very interesting (disguting?) in my microwave.

A lizard bone~! =S

What's it doing in my microwave? Gosh juz felt disgusted all over again thinking that the lizard was actually cooked over and over again right in my microwave along with my food. Puke~! =S

Anyway gona eat my medicine le..hope I get well soon and also that my night of sleep will be peaceful le..cheers~! =)