Beautiful Girls

Thursday, January 12, 2006
1/12/2006 11:17:00 PM
What a freakingly cold night. Just as I am typing this entry my neck is wrapped tightly and warmly in my blanket. Wish I have a nice snuggly bedroom slipper my feet are freezing up too. Is the world coming to an end or something? Its like everyday it raining and the temperature is so unsually low. Its either Singapore will soon have winter as one of its season or it would become a "water city"..haha

To prove my point, I even saw someone from my school wearing a thick jacket with fur sleeves and collar waiting for a bus. Gosh, its such a wierd sight to see someone wearing such thing in Singapore which has only 2 season - Hot season or rainy season. But still, this time round it just seems so sensible that she is wearing that jacket. And to say the truth, the jacket is quite sweet..haha

Later on met darling after class. This meeting was not planned for but due to special circumstances (darling don't have to be a clerk in his NS le)..he sure is 1 happy guy today..and calls for a celebration..

So we met up at Clementi MRT station and after munching my fav cheese burger he gave me..we made our way to Jurong usual there is one hell of a crowd there...Chinese New Year shoppers, I guess? =)

Mainly we ate our dinner and shopped around. Passed by a few jewellery stores there. At first I was just looking at the nice diamond rings and all displayed there. I classified this action as "innocent" coz which girl won't be fascinated by such stuff rite? And furthermore I did'nt pester darling to buy any of such for me mahz. Then suddenly he came up with this crazy idea. He told me to stand in front of the shop's display and look at the diamond while he try to drag me away from it. Gosh~! I actually played along with him~! I must be mad? =S

Anyway so much for the nagging of today's happenings. Guess its time to go back to doing my Law assignment. Sighz~!