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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
1/17/2006 03:39:00 PM
When I was on the bus today, a topic suddenly came to my mind. RAPE. This was probably because of the news article I read about a lady who was raped and killed by some fishermen after they watched some porn (Such cruel act - Their sentence of being hanged seems to be the most suitable punishment for them). So I decided to "research" abit on it before I start on my work again, just to have abit of "recreation " activity I guess?

According to, it is defined as:

1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.

2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.

3.Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.

There weren't much information provided. So to satisfy myself, decided to look up more information in
Wikipedia. What a wide selection of articles about this topic was discussed there.

One of them that caught my attention was MALE RAPE. Well, most of the time what we hear is the rape of women. How often do we hear of men being raped? So I decided to read further into the topic.

As quoted from the article:

Male rape victims are commonly victimized by other men. Although women can commit an act of rape by non-consensually forcing a man to engage in a penetrative sexual act, males are more common victims of anal rape. Men are traumatized by rape and sexual assault just as female victims.

Male rape victims, like female victims, do not want to be raped, nor does the physiological effect of erection or orgasm mean that the act was enjoyable for the victim. A capable assailant can force these physical responses in the majority of males.

Well, just as I've guessed before reading the article, the rape of men was either by their own gender or that they are being forced (or rather stimulated) if that is the crime was committed by a female. This is because, no matter what, how could a lady be stronger than a man? If the lady wants to "rape" him, can't he push her away or something like that? Am sure if he wanted to he could. So, how could one say that a lady has raped a man? It sounds so illogical. Unless he has been drugged or he was just simply a willing party.

Then there was the topic of sex trafficking being mentioned too. Not an uncommon issue as every now and then there will be reports of syndicates being busted for such trafficking or anything of that sort.

As quoted from the article:

Human trafficking, or sex trafficking (as the majority of victims are women or children forced into prostitution) is a term used to define the recruiting, harboring, obtaining, transportation of a person by use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjecting them to involuntary acts, the most common being forced commercial sexual exploitation (forced prostitution).

Human trafficking is not the same as people smuggling. A smuggler will facilitate illegal entry into a country for a fee, but on arrival at their destination, the smuggled person is free; the trafficking victim is enslaved.

Victims do not agree to be trafficked — they are tricked, lured by false promises, or forced. Traffickers use coercive tactics including deception, fraud, intimidation, isolation, threat and use of physical force, debt bondage or even force-feeding with drugs of abuse to control their victims. Women are typically recruited with promises of good jobs in other countries or provinces, and, lacking better options at home, agree to migrate, not knowing they will be forced into prostitution.

Wikipedia also states some common kind of rapist:

The power-reassurance rapist

Responsible for about 27.5% of reported rapes, this type of rapist has been described by law enforcers as the "gentleman rapist". He is usually:

1. of average intelligence;

2. not physically aggressive;

3. insecure about his masculinity;

4. socially-deficient; and

5. unable to develop interpersonal or romantic relationships.

Usually, he will select and stalk a victim before committing the crime. The victim is usually someone whom he knows, eg. a neighbor or work acquaintance. Power-reassurance rapists often force the victim to emulate foreplay, and take "trophies" of the rape; they may even record the event in a personal journal. Power-reassurance rapists tend to be the least violent type of rapists, often fantasizing about consensual sexual relationships with women, rather than violent conquests.

Anger-retaliatory rapist

Responsible for about 28% of rapes, this type of rapist is often a substance abuser, with impulsive behavior and anger-related pathologies. He does not target specific victims, and often feels animosity toward women in general.

The anger-retaliatory rapist's attacks are usually spontaneous and brutal, and while he does not intend to kill the victim, he may beat her to death if she resists. This rapist usually has below-average intelligence, and is likely to leave more evidence than other types of rapists.

The anger-excitation rapist

This type of rapist, considered the most dangerous and elusive, accounts for about 4.5% of rapes. He exhibits antisocial personality disorder, and being often perceived as charming and intelligent, makes him rather difficult to catch. The anger-excitation rapist may or may not choose his victims selectively.

Often sadistic, this type of rapist frequently murders his victim to prevent her from identifying him, or for his own self-gratification.

As women, especially I find that it is important that we know how to at least look out for some tell take signs about these kind of people.
Some warning signs are:

1. Extreme emotional insensitivity and egotism;

2. Habitual degradation and verbal devaluation of others;

3. Tries to tell others what they are feeling and thinking, as though it is his decision and not theirs. "She said no, but she meant yes";

4. Consistently using intimidation in language, or threatening behavior to get his way. Uses words like "bitch" and "whore" to describe women;

5. Excessive, chronic, or brooding anger;

6. Becoming obsessed with the object of his romantic affections, long after his advances have been rejected;

7. Extreme mood swings;

8. Violent outbursts; lack of impulse control;

9. Aggressive and violent;

10. Cruel behavior, especially under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As quoted was one of the most common cultural view of rape:

Certain cultures, often patriarchal, have historically promoted a system of honor, dishonor and shame, which was applied with particular strictness to females. A victim of rape would be considered to have lost her honorable reputation and place in society, a loss of honor which entailed shame on the woman's family group as well.

In early ancient Rome, ancient China, and other cultures, a pressure has existed which has led women to commit suicide after becoming victims of rape. In fact, suicide of female rape victims for reasons of shame is also historically documented in Chinese culture.

In this modern world today, it is not as if the crime of rape has fallen or something like that. Since women these days are more educated, one should not commit suicide just because they've been rape, should they? To me, this is letting the rapist go too lightly. Although yes, some out there could say that rape is something that the victims would rather not say about but is this their fault and they should bear the guilt to even their graves? I don't think so.

Some could be worried that their parents or even husband would find out about their ugly past. Well, parents could be heartbroken at first. But I suppose their love for their child will override the supposed "shame" they are feeling?

As for the husband, I thought that it would be good that he should not be told the truth. But if ever one day he come to know of it and can't accept the "cruel" (like as if it has been any better for the victim eh?) fact, then so be it. After all who does not have a past that he does not want others to know.

No point carrying on such a relationship (solely my point of view) coz how are you able to live with a man all your life if he is so affected about your "past" and keeps reminding you of it (even if its just by the show of his sad face). This is just not possible. Amnot asking the spouse of victims to knock the victims till they go silly and forget about what happened. But at least be supoortive of them and be there for them. What's so difficult about that if you really love her wholeheartedly?