Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
1/11/2006 09:29:00 PM
Woke up to a rainy morning (again?) and worse still had to leave home early as I needed to go down to RELC to pay my exam fees. Well,could have waiting till mum send me down there tomorrow.But, the longer I take the more stress I would be. Haha, Call me a stress freak bahz. And more so, since I am already worrying very much about exams I think I should do my poor little head a favour by relieving it of 1 lesser stress... =P

Spent quite awhile reserching about the bus routes to go to RELC. Really have to blame on the fact that I am not the kind who really travel to places not really accessible by trains. Well, that is also one reason why I will most likely be hanging out at places such a Orchard Road & Suntec City le..haha

Actually planned to leave house at 10 am de..but after much dilly-dally left only at 11am..And I've got class later at 1.30 pm lei...Die liao lahz.. (-_-")

Luckily for me reached Orchard Road quite fast and I thought I would be early but little do I know that I could not find the bus stop which Bus 105 stopz~! Walked almost a good hundred meters and despite the fact that Eddy offered that there was an alternative bus to take..I refused..Call it my pride? Haha, I duno too... =P

Well, finally relented to his suggestion grumpily and took Bus 190 as he suggested(before I reach the bus stop a Bus 190 has already left)..blame it on my stubborness...Haha =P

Reached RELC after 4 bus stops...walked quite a long way almost missed the side door to it..such blur queen I am..but can't blame also mahz..its my 1st time after taking 2 years of UOL exams to take a bus myself to settle the fees lei..More independent after turning 21 eh? =)

It was a long wait there..but luckily saw Wen Hui and his friends so after much urging from them finally moved up to join them (Oopz..the usual law-abiding me has jumped Q)..was super guilty about it..and almost didn't dare to look behind for fear that I may face the irritated stares of those behind or asked to move back...Sorry..but its really unlike me to jump Q de..really... =(

Took the bus to school with the guys..that really made the trip there less boring as we were talking about stuff like sports and dress sense of guys all the way..what a topic to say to a girl..but still..I love it~! =)

Reached just in time for maths class. Something pissed me off during that class. The lecturer placed some maths test solution of the table for collection. I went to pick it up just like the rest of the crowd.

Took 2 extra sets so passed it to the girl out of goodwill saying "Hello, I took 2 extra sets, if you haven't fot any yet you could have it".

After that I went back to my seat. That girl and her friend was eating in front of me. After awhile, she turned to me and told me as a matter-of-factly "We took extras too, so we don't need the set, you can have it". That was when she blatantly passed me that set.

I was stunned~!

Feel like telling her "Hallo, you think its my problem that you took extra? Why are you giving it to me? Expect me to put it back for you?"

Haiz..but in reality I just gave her the stunned face thou I was really boiling inside. Ava said that I sould have said what I actually wanted to say. Well, wished I had the chance to say it also lei..haha

Anyway after class, had a good chat with Ava. Its been so long we had a chance to talk this way. Miss it lei.. =)