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Saturday, January 14, 2006
1/14/2006 11:12:00 PM
Yippee~! Finally another day of sunny weather~! Well...beginning to miss the rain thou..but its least I can comfort myself that even of the rain comes I won't have time to sleep also...hehe

The earlier part of the day was spent on studying and reading up thou. I've got tonnes and tonnes of work to complete. I won't even dare to sleep even if I've the chance..hehe

As we were in the MRT. Was telling mum my little thought which I thought it was rather a joke. Told her this "If ever one day you board a train and someone gives up their seat for you and you are not pregnant then it would simply means that you are OLD~!"

Hoho~! Don't I just look the grimace on her face when I mention the word OLD. Probably now she would prefer not havig someone to give up seat to her le?

It was in the evening when I went to Chinatown with my family. It was so crowded there even at the hawker center. Worse still the hawker center is really big. Now what's the name of that place eh? Haha..let me recall..think its People's Park Hawker center ar? Anyway we walked round and round, actually we ain't looking for seats..more like looking at what to eat. As we passed by some stalls (esp the one selling chicken rice) we just talked about "Hey this looks not too bad", then we walked on.

This carried on till we walked almost the entire hawker center. This was when the nightmare began. We can't recall where are all the stalls with the supposedly delicious food~! (-_-")

Suddenly wanted very much to eat the chicken rice that we saw earlier. So guess what? We ended up walked round and round all over again in the hot and crowded hawker centre for CHICKEN RICE~! Practically sticking out heads into every corner hoping to find the stall we wanted. Pathetic eh? =P

Grandma was totally puzzled as to why we are bringing her walking round and round. Oopz~! WE even had to resort to asking a family sitting at the table eating their plate of chicken rice where they bought theirs from.

Luckily we finally foud one chicken rice stall to satisfy our craving. At least we could content ourselves that this chicken rice is not too bad as the Q for it is quite long mahz. When we reached out turn, mum bagan display her usual prudent and scared-to-overeat behaviour again. So ended up we only ordered HALF a chicken (Where got enough for me?) and five bowls of rice...What an imbalance..haiz...

After dinner went to take a walk in Chinatown. My gosh once we reach the alley where the "party" is. The traffic slowed down trememdously. In fact, being the shortie we were, many others towered above us. What a discomfort. Its even more tough for me as I had to keep holding grandma;s hand to prevent her from getting "swept away" from the crowd. =S

But luckily for me, still manages to take some photos of the nite. Wished I had a better cam thou, coz some of my pics are either too dark or blurz~! Haiz, New Year Resolution - hope to get a reasonable good cam.. =(

What a whole lot of people there

Yummy Portugese egg tarts..look at the burnt top...

Mutant Portugese egg tart - Pineapple egg tart =S

Some very nice paper cuttings..wish I knew how to do them...

Tonnes of wax foodstuff...

And more of them... =S

Zodiac on the!

Cute laser dog...

The turning dog...

Prawn snack, ate it and only tasted prawn shell.. =S

Nice cheongsam..I wan~!

And the "people mountain people sea" stretches on...

Such cute dogs..must take a pic of them ar~!

Flowers to brighten the year~!

Will be going to Chinatown again next week or maybe New Year's Eve...Hope to get more nad better pics then... =)