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Sunday, January 29, 2006
1/29/2006 09:14:00 PM
Yippee~! The Year of the Dog has finally come~! One of the best time of the year with all the new clothes & delicious food around. Most importantly, the chance to see all the relatives that I could probably only see once a year only...hehe

Woke up real early in Chinese New Year morning to go to the temple to pray to grandpa. I thought there would be a crowd there. But, no. Well, maybe the folks just had to sleep late with all the heavy partying or mahjong session bahz... =P

But in any case, this is the 1st good thing that could happen. As I really could not imagine if I had to squeeze with so many inconsiderate people in "1st day" of the year.

Anyway there was an attendant there who always made trouble for us - bossing us around and all. In short, bad service & attitude. So as you could have guessed, we would not even think of giving her an ang bao packet despite the fact that she seem to be looking at us longingly (or should I say hungrily) for her red packet.

Oh please~! You haven't treated with good service all year round then why should we even bother to give you anything despite the fact that the others have given to you~! Well, try again next year, arse...grrrrr..~!

After the session, went home for a short breakfast session & of coz started munching the snacks too~!

With a bloated tummy, went to try on & choose which new clothes to wear... =S

Actually wanted to wear the blue halter neck top dress that Eddy bought for me..but..sobx...the clothes was rather transparent. What a let down... =S

Guess I'll have to make some alteration to it tomorrow when I can cut or sew (a taboo to do these during Chinese New Year).

So settled on another set of new clothes & went to get ready to go out le...

Mum & Me

Sis & Mum

Sis, grandma & Me

Ang bao time~! =P

Passed to mum the gift Eddy bought for Mum too...

Front view...

With closer view - the gold plated Dog coin...

Inside view - a new S$2 note...

Througout the day was totally fun..

The 1st part when I was there was practically baby sitting my cousin's son. Aiyo..I felt like a mother. Coz the boy (about 5 yr old) was lying on my lap and drinking milk from his milk bottle. His father still teased him saying that he must be having the time of his life - drinking & lying on the lap of a PRETTY gal... =P

After the milk drinking session, the boy started playing with us. In fact, he was rather rough that at 1 point I just had to run for my own life...But then the boy keeps pouncing at me & my other cousins..Guess he loves to play with us bahz? =)

the rest of the day was carried with much fun & food. Also managed to take pic with some of my cousins...

The vain pots~!

The vain pots with the "bad boy"~!

Me with cute little Grace...

More pics..ooh...can we stop now? =P

Went to my cousin's house too. I spent most of my time there in his room. Coz despite the fact that his room is like a junkyard (Mind you, his room has barely 10 tiles of walking space & have "treasures" piles miles high), we played games & watch movie. Woho..and the best was that he passed me The Sims Night Life & The exorcist~! I've been looking high & low for this, you know... =)

Haiyo..I just love Chinese New Year~! Esp when every year I could spend time in my cousin's room~! =P

Anyway relatives are coming over my house today. Will be another busy day & hope it wll be just as fun.. =)