Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
2/01/2006 11:57:00 PM
After school today went to Ava's house to play with Mr Milo. Aiyo..our boy has shaved for the new year. But still I prefer his usual self - the hairy version. But what made me happy was that he seem to recognise me now & in fact responds to my calls. cute..its really hard not to love him... =P

Milo is so obedient to pose for me today...

Ain't he cute? The wide-eyed baby~! =)

After playing with him & talking to Ava for awhile, it was time for me to dress up for my date... =P

Today is our 5 months anniversary together~! Yipee~! =)

Went to Sizzler @ Suntec for dinner. The food there was not bad pluz the ambience is also rather romantic. I settled for the salad bar buffet. While Eddy chose to eat the chicken & steak combo. Haiyo, duno what he was seeing when I went in to have a look at the salad bar before deciding whether to eat there anot. Coz after we placed our order he changed his mind shortly & wanted to eat salad bar too. But too bad, the chef has already started cooking no changing. End up I had to pass to him "illegally" the food from the salad bar as it was stated clearly in the menu that "no sharing of the salad bar" is allowed... =P

The delicious yet expensive combo meal... =)

Roses & ice-cream~!

After dinner we made our way to river Hong bao. I didn't expect so many people to be there as Chinese New Year is over mahz. But who knoes this isn't the case. In fact at some section of the event, there were so many people walking back & forth that we had some difficulty taking pictures. So, at some point in time, guess all this has irritated Eddy to some extent that when he was taking pic for me he suddenly lift up the camera tripod that he was holding to stop the traffic. Well, guess it did work to stop the traffic but of coz not without him earning some glares from some "inconsiderate" uncles.. Grrr...~! =S

Eddy & me~!

The sea of flowers...

The sea of love? =P

Also for the first time I actually managed to see fireworks so up close & personal. Only that while waiting for the fireworks to begin we did not get ready the camera. It was only when the show started that we realised the camera was having abit of problem..Grrr...~!

Luckily for us, Eddy got it fixed shortly & I had my camera with me at that time. Anyway, the fireworks are truely beautiful. Hope I could have the chance to see it again & of coz to be able to take better quality pix of the fireworks. =P

Pink fireworks~!

The star design~!

Purple fireworks~!


Wahaha~! Small blue fireworks~!