Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
2/21/2006 05:37:00 PM
Felt terribly sick these few days. Due to some confidential reasons was feeling rather weak lately. Gosh...can you imagine? Even taking a public transport like bus or the MRT is enough to make me nauseous... -_-"

Then has also been rather unlucky since the start of this week. Some of which is me forgetting to bring everything for lecture EXCEPT for the right lecture notes required for the lesson~! Bah~!

What's worse is that I even forgot to bring my EZ-link card right onthe 1st day of the week And when I finally remembered to bring it on the 2nd day, there is only S$0.26 in the card & I've got only enough money to top it up. That means no $$ to eat~! Arrggh~!

Well..luckily darling seeing how "weak & sick" also how broke I was, wanted me to come down to eat lunch with him so that he can help me sweet....Muax~! =P

He even bought me a whole bagful of food in case I am hungry in the night but am afraid of eating anything sinful...

How thoughtful of him...

So juz would like to say that I really appreciate his little action of love...Love ya darling~! =)

P.S. Darling just cut his hair. Look not too bad. Except he should not have snip off his side burn~! =P

Hope I get well soon & have better luck for the later part of the week thou... =)