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Thursday, February 16, 2006
2/16/2006 09:49:00 AM
Finally I recv'd my Valentine's Day present from Eddy. Its a very practical gift, I would say. Well...some may think that its a wierd present to be given on Valentine's Day coz it does not have anything that writes on it words like "I Love You" and all.

But to me, its really a very useful gift. Especially after I've used it, my face seems cleaner & fairer. Together with the cream I bought to minimise pores...woho~! Is just a perfect match to go with. And mind you, when I bought the cream product to minimise my pores I did not know that darling would be giving me this present. Haha...Great minds think alike wor~! =P

The ultimate pore cleaner~!

Apart from that got from him a packet of delicious chocolate cookies. Yummz~!

The delicious

And of coz..something that cannot be missed during Valentine's Day - Flowers~! ain't a big bouquet like I've always received from him. But considering the fact that I'vce received far too many of flowers from him previously & the fact that the price of flowers are horribly high during this period, I think I should be able to survive with this flower w/o making a big fuss out of it~! I would rather he spent the money which could have been spent on paying the exhorbitantly priced flowers to treat me to a good meal or buysomething practical - which he has already done do~! =)

The simple flower yet filled with love~! =P