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Saturday, February 11, 2006
2/11/2006 03:10:00 PM
Haven' t been blogging in awhile now. As have just recovered from a rather bad sore eye & also busy preparing for the mock exam.

Thinking of that makes my head big. Especially when I've got only like 2 weeks more & there is still alot of things where I really can't write it out without referring to the lecture notes. Haiz....

Anyway just as I was checking up my mail today, came across something quite interesting:



I am Mr. Charles Brown, a Canadian Attorney based in Manchester, United Kingdom and the personal attorney to Late Mr. Mark Michelle a citizen of France. Late Mr. Mark Michelle was a private oil consultant/ contractor with the Shell Petroleum Development Company in Saudi Arabia before his death, hereinafter shall be referred to as my client.

On the 21st day of April 2000, my client and his wife along with their three children were involved in a ghastly motor accident. All occupants in the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives. Since then, I have made several enquiries from the French embassies to locate his next of kin or any of his extended relatives, but all to no avail.

My client made a deposit in a Security and Finance institution valued presently at $12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million United States Dollars) and the company has issued me an official notification to provide his next of kin or beneficiary by will, otherwise the account will be confiscated within the next sixty (60) working days.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating any of my late client's relatives for three (3) years now, I now seek your consent to permit me present you as the next of kin/ beneficiary of my late client so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you.

I am willing to offer you 35% of the total sum as a reward for your efforts in assisting me, while I take 50% of the total sum. The 5% of the fund will serve as reimbursement of expenses both local and international any of us will make in the course of this transaction. While we shall collectively donate the remaining balance of 10% to Tsunami Relief Organisations.

Consider this proposal and get back to me as soon as possible so that I furnish you with more details on how we shall proceed. Please, provide me with the following information:

1. Your telephone and fax numbers.

2. Your complete location address.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best regards,

Mr. Charles

Nice piece of "essay" by the con man. Almost too good to be true, in fact it is convincing & tempting. I guess if I hadn't read the newspaper reports of such incident I may be conned too. Well..can't blame me for being so gullible & my display of plain stupity rite? Coz in the first place who would reject the aromatic smell of $$ rite? -_-"

But in any case, this still seems totally amusing to me. Despite all the news reports of these con man being caught these emails are still being circulated around. I wonder how many people have got tricked by this mail alone. =S