Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
2/14/2006 12:30:00 AM
Its Valentine's Day today. So guess I should pay a tribute for someone special on this very day...

Most couples on this special day would have been out celebrating their love. But for me, no. Coz somehow the way my relationship goes is rather "wierd". In short, me & darling will not be celebrating today... abit sadz la...of coz...

But on the other hand, at least I know that somewhere in the little corner of the world there is one more person who loves me...

Probably I am juz exaggerating my "sorrow" coz its not as if we ain't celebrating at all. We are planning to celebrate it at a later date. Looking forward to it... =)

Its been a little more than 5 months that we have been together...

Darling has really changed alot for me...

Thinking back at it all...

One of the very first thing he changed for me is that he stopped wearing a t-shirt inside when he wears his work shirt. At 1st I just commented, not really expecting that he will do anything abt it. But surprisingly, he actually didn't wear it in this style on our next meeting. And he never did again, till today.

Subsequently, he made alot of changes too. One commendable one was that he learnt how to tolerate my stinky temper (trust me, that's a tough task to undertake. Try asking him if you had the chance. =P). Well, at first he din quite get how to handle me & each time when he didn't I treated him rather mercilessly with either my actions / words or even BOTH~! =O

Despite all this, he never did leave me. And tried very hard to give in (or rather handle me). I am really impressed with his effort coz not many people can handle me & my temper. Oopz~! =)

At least now we had lesser head-on clashes that is one thing I am glad about. Coz despite me hating to hurt him but when anger or even dejection gets the better of me, my brain just shuts off - destroying anything that comes my way. =S

One thing I like about him is that he very much pays attention to my stuff. Be it what I say or my likes & dislikes or even my views. Some may say that he is just pure hen-pecked but to me its an act of love from him. And it suits me just fine. It just makes me feel appreciated & loved. =)

Well..I could say one whole list of things good about darling (not as if I've got nothing bad to say), but as for myself - I can't say much. I could just conclude that I didn't really make a really good gf to him. Always being a spoilt brat & wanting my way & when I don't the way I want I will wreck havoc. I am always making him hurt or sad (well, trust me, I could really hurt someone if I really wanted too).

We both share many dreams together. Although there will be more obstacles coming our way but surely we can overcome it right? I wish I could be more confident to my own question. But somehow I've a sinking feeling.

Sometimes I ask myself why do I want to look so far out into the future? Why can't I just be happy with things now and that's it? Am I just being matured? or am I just pure pessimistic? I don't know the answer myself too... =S

Well...guess I really have to learn to take things step-by-step as it comes along. If not 1 day I might just end up in IMH or something of that sort.

Whatever it is, just would like to tell darling THANK YOU for being there for me all this while - through the very difficult times. Hope that we could sail through this lifetime & finally achieving our dreams & goals together.