Beautiful Girls

Sunday, February 12, 2006
2/12/2006 06:51:00 PM
Just as I was reading the papers today I came across an article in the Life section of the Straits Times. It was an article on Singapore women being cheapskate as they do not pay for their share of the bill during dates.

The whole "storm" started out from

Well, upon reading this article I had this thought that this guy is probably one of those insensitive kind. Its not like me being a true blue Singaporean girl is trying to defend myself or something. But don't all you guys out there agree with me that if you want to win the girl's favour you have to do something impressive and I am sure it is just normal that paying for the meal is one of those that evitably falls into this category.

Not that girls here in Singapore are out to take advantage of their suitor's wallet. But I am sure all girls regardless of whether they are Singapore, Asian or even the caucasian will like to be pampered once in a while. Surely there is nothing wrong to treat the girl of your dream like a princess once in a while too right?

But then on the other hand, probably girls should not always potray themselves to be ever so willing to accept a treat from the guys (this does not include those going on first dates). Coz somehow or rather it will just make her feel obligated to him after he has paid (I mean going by the logical way of action & thought).

After all, we do have our own means of income or pocket money right? Surely we would not want to stretch his wallet so much that he finally call it quites right? In short, everything just has to be done in moderation.

But in any case (at least this is what I do), whenever I go dutch in a relationship or on my 1st date, the most I will do is to pay for my own share. I am sure this is a fair enough statement (something which I think even the miserly men will agree too?). But no way will I pay for the guy's share too. Why? Coz such action goes undefined in my dictionary~! =P

Not as if I am some money-grabbing freak. Coz I still do pay for my own share or even SOMETIMES pay for both of us. Thou it rather rare coz I just think that its not very appropriate? Hmm..well..probably I didn't use the right words to express my thought. But girls or even logical thinking guys would know what I am trying to say right? =P

Well..seriously...I don't think I am being unreasonable or something like that. But try asking the girl's around you or those walking on the streets fort their opinion. I am pretty sure that they will be echoing my thought too. Anyone wants to give it a try doing a survey on this topic? Be sure to tell me the your findings if you do k? =)

But this, Singapore is still a relatively democratic country. No way am I trying to impose my view on anyone or anything of that sort. Just purely my own views & practice here.

However, those who guys who still insist on doing their own way of expecting their dates or girlfriend to pay if not they will be classified as cheapskate, its your choice after all. But I would like to wish you good luck~! Coz I was just thinking how many of such girls will there be out there for you guys to pick up~! =P