Beautiful Girls

Sunday, February 19, 2006
2/19/2006 03:20:00 PM
Last nite (or should I say this morning) was a totally happening moment. Why?

Coz I called in the Neighbourhood Police. Why?

Coz its the damn neighbours again. Who started their noisy nonsense all the way from 3pm to late at night. What really set my temperature soaring was that the actually had the guts to play mahjong till late at night (12am, mind you~!).

This is despite the fcat that HDB has already warned them that they should practice some consideration for their neighbours & keep their noise volume down after 10.30pm. But the bunch of bloody arse-holes seems to have super thick skulls~! They continued their monkey business right into the night.

So, being the civic-minded (ahem~!) citizen I am, I called the cops. Coz well, them doing such nonsense seems to me that they are challenging me to call. So why shouldn't I right?

Probably you would have thought that my action will bring peace for the night? No. Coz when the police came my blood boiled further. Why?

Coz apparently there seem to be a tip-off as the police car pulled up downstairs, the people next door started keeping their mahjong set, table & chairs very quietly. Note that this is something that they haven't done before. Was thinking could there be a tip-off or something like that?

Still not convinced with my assumption? on...

When the police came, one of them actually greeted them in the most friendly manner (something which seems more than just a general coutesy). Coz you know what? One of the relative of the next-door people is a police officer himself. Gosh...can you imagine? A police officer himself being just as considerate to paly the mahjong till so late at nite (note: the whole neighbourhood was SUPER quiet except for them).

What pissed me off further was that the police officer did not potray a kind of authority appropriate for the situation. To me, he was more of being here for the say of being here & at the same time chit chat with a "good old friend".

Worse, he still dare deny that he did not know anyone of them there. But what a joke, his supervisor (whom I later called up to feedback on this matter) confirmed that the latter actually knew someone next door. What a liar & unprofessional officer~!

And worse still, still have the cheek to tell me that this case if not the business of the police, instaed its the business of the HDB. I almost exploded on hearing that. I practically raised my voice at him (never mind if he is an incompetent or scaredy-cat officer) that HDB told me to refer my case to the police after 10.30pm. So if its not the business of the police or the HDB then who the hell has the authority to handle it?

Anyway its such a same that I will meet such police officer that is totally impartial. And I guess that if I hadn't stood at the door, arms crossed & probably with the murderous look he & the next door barbarians would have pushed their limits further. Shit~! What is this, a police on a case needs a normal citizen to "supervise" him? What a joke~!

Well..anyway bottom line is the next door people better behave themselves. No way am I going to give in anymore since we have already agreed on some terms last nite (at 2am, mind you~!). Otherwise, I will not hesitate to bring this matter up to the higher authorities & make sure that this matter is blown up for them~!