Beautiful Girls

Saturday, February 25, 2006
2/25/2006 09:28:00 PM
Met up with darling for jogging at Yishun Gym early this morning. Well...when we reached there we got a shocked of our lives coz there's a whole tonne of people there. But oh well...since we've paid the entrance fee os S$2.50 per person have to stick on...

Of all..the thing that made this trip worth it is that there are alot of hunks there. Wooo..all the muscles & some of them even have the gorgeous face to go with. i seems to be in paradise of hunks? =S

We did about 20 minutes of running on the treadmill before moving on to the various exercise equipements. Toning of specific bosy parts. It's a really nice place to work out in I would say. Well....of coz apart from the hunks that are walking around & displaying their hot bods, the various exercise equipment, air con & music adds to the fun of working out. This is especially so when the sun is shining brightly & mercilessly outside. =S

After our workout, we took a bus to Northpoint to have our brunch. its tha all time famous Boneless Hinanese Chicken Rice~! Yummy~!

As we were walking back we walked pass a rather big fish shop. Wohoo..that was when I went mad. Coz there were so many fishes there. Makes me have the urge to buy some too~! Hehe

So darling decided that this will make a very good present for our 6 month anniversary.

Yippee~! Off we went picking up the relevant stuff - fish tank, filter pump, fish food fish & a whole lot of other necessities to set up an aquarium. Waa....the cost of it all really shocked me thou...coz this anniversary gift came up to be way more expensive than any of the anniversary flowers that darling has ever given me~! It cost near to S$70~! *Faintz* =S

After buying we went home & the both of us set up the tank painstakingly. Wow..the end product turn out to be rather satisfactory~! =)

Thou he said that he is happy that he help me to fulfil my wish of rearing fishes but then I feel heartpain for his pocket lahz... =S any case..thx darling...I appreciate it alot....Will take care those fishies de... =)

The tank of Love... =)

So happy~! Now at least I have something to accompany me through the night when I sleep & study le.. =)