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Sunday, February 05, 2006
2/05/2006 03:33:00 PM
Relationship is a kind of thing that is very amazing. It comes in many forms in a person's lifetime.

The very first form is probably found between the parent & their child. This is almost like a kind of unconditional love where the parent will go to great extent to make sure that their child will turn out to be someone useful.

I once saw a documentary where a mother helped her son, who has killed someone, to get rid of the body. Makes one feel heartache when such thing happens but what can we do as I guess the mother was just acting according to the Law of Nature? =S

However, this kind of love may become too unbearable for the child if there is too much control involve.

In other words, why don't they let them grow? Get dirty, face the storm & learn as they grow? Isn't this what they want to teach their kid - to face up to the consequences for their actions? Teach them what's right & wrong & after which they should be left to decide which is right for them to do...

Like I've always said in my previous entry..."Life is like flying a kite - know when to pull tight on the string & when not to. Otherwise, one day the string will break away from your ever tightening grip - never to return again."

Then before our life really started - right before we even went to school we are already building all kinds of relationship with people around us. This is what I call friendship. This usually the people who will be around you when you needed them most. In fact, after your family members they should be the people that you most rely on. They will never talk things behind you & make you feel totally comfortable to be with them. Never putting you down when its your dream to do something although a few words of advice or caution is inevitable. But generally, all out of goodwill...

I used to have a very good friend who was my confidant. Always there for me. Even when we quarrel we could still patch back, talk & laugh like nothing happen. We know each other so well that we know each other's likes & dislikes tru & tru - its like we've known each other for the whole of our lifetime. That's one of the most amazing part of the relationship between me & her.

We went shopping, gossipped, danced & sang. Had lots of things in common. Having her around made me feel more motivated to go to school. I don't know about her but for me this realtionship is probably one of the most important relationship in my life.

Now as we had our own things to busy about, we have drifted. Just like what I had feared most & cried about before we started to drift. But still, the sweet memories of our time together still remains in my mind. Hoping that one day we coud return to what we used to be.

Then there is another kind of relationship that most people pf my age will most likely have experienced before. And that will be a realtionship with someone who initially started out as a stranger & later become more of a soulmate to you - someone whom you may spend your whole lifetime with. Yes, this relationship is a boy-girl relationship.

Sometimes I thought to myself how many time does a person has to go through the pain of ending such a relationship before they find their Mr or Ms Right? Some people may live their whole lifetime & never be able to find the person of their dreams.

Then when you meet someone, how would one know that they have found The One?

Someone once asked me before how do you know that you are in love? Well, probably I could answer that very well. Having had a serious crush with someone before, I merely answered almost in a as-a-matter-of-factly that: you will feel happy just to see him happy, feel down when some girls try to get close to him & feel totally shattered when the girl he finally chooses is not you.

But well...just as well...sometimes having the person may not be the best for both of you...probably letting go if this will enable you to find someone better & treats you better, loving you with all his heart? Isn't this a better arrangement?

As of now, the one with me may not be the most handsome or richest guy around. But at least he is sensitive to me (for me this is one of the most important criteria I look for - not as if I am looking for a good-for-nothing who only has the quality of being sensitive to me). Taking the effort & trouble to make the relationship of 5 months less mundane with little surprises & other little actions here & there. I don't know about in the future but at least for now I am happy with how things are going. Enjoying the feeling of being loved.

After so many years of being a teenager & now finally a young adult, one of the thing I've learnt is: "To be satisfied & treasure the people around you. Coz you never know how long they will stay in your life. Live life with NO regrets."