Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, February 08, 2006
2/08/2006 08:29:00 AM
Sometimes I wonder, is there such a thing called retribution as a result of bad karma. But I suppose it exist.

There was once this person I knew. Her boyfriend's first girlfriend
(did you know notice the plural?) told her that her boyfriend was not such a good person as what he has projected himself to be. Even told her that her bf was heavily in credit card debt & was being sued for bankruptcy. Astonishingly, she stood firm to her belief that her bf had been totally truthful to her & she had 100% trust in him.

Gosh~! Sometimes I just don't understand what some girls are thinking. Maybe if one of his ex-gf spoke badly about her beloved goody-two-shoes bf she could defend him by justifying that he was being maligned as that ex was just being jealous & wanted to get back at him for breaking up the relationship. But now its TWO~!

Why is she still so stubborn & even wrote things like:

For a relationship to work, complete trust is needed, but how often so is there 100% complete trust? As human beings, we will worry every then and now...but what matters most is how we hold on to make the impact in the future..

Well..little does she know that as she was typing this phrases with so much confidence, her bf was actually asking one of his ex to go back to him. Telling her all the lovely & sweet words like:
Please come back to me, I miss you...

Now many months sence they are together she is finally seeing the true colours of him. No longer a sweet & caring bf anymore. More like a demanding, unreasonable & self centered MCP - you name it you have it.

If she could at least think about why people are telling her all this, instead of just drilling into her tiny head that her bf is the best guy you can ever have in the world, she may not be in this state. So much for "holding on to make the impact in the future"...haiz...

Aniwae what I was thinking is that she may not even think that he is that bad yet & still has a chance to make him change for the better. But from my point of view is that if the man don't treat you good when he is dating you then what more can you expect from him in the future when you get married?

So what I think is that one should just end the relationship fast (probably you would think that I am too cruel) if you think that many a times the realtionship you are in is not going in the direction that you can accept. Its better to end the "misery now than to suffer later when you get married rite?

Life is just this sad. Man who are jerks are all around. Many a times one is just too blinded by their new found love to see anything bad that others say about their other half. I really don't understand why they can't just pull back awhile to ponder if they really know the other half well before becoming defensive & saying things like:

I've been with him for 1 month+ only.. he does not need to prove to me anything, there's no necessity for it...

Haiz..the world is sad when people just choose to live in their own fantasy world & refuse to accept the facts that are presented to them. Should I call it stubborn or just plain stupidity?

Well...anyway before I end off read about an interesting article.
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