Beautiful Girls

Friday, February 24, 2006
2/24/2006 10:40:00 PM
This is another day when me & Eddy can spend time together & talk about anything under the sun with less care about the world. Well, in other words, spending quality time together - none like those times where we had to rush through even our meal.

The very 1st thing we did was to go to our favourite (& expensive, of course) fast food chain, Carl's Junior to have our morning breakfast. It was like the 2nd time of the week that we are eating it. I think the both of us are totally ADDICTED to the food there. And that I tell you, is bad. Coz if this goes on probably we would have burnt a really large hole in our pockets. =P

Anyway with darling's recommendation we finally placed our order (sorry that I can't recall the exact name for the meal, so guess I'll give that a miss so as not to make a fool of myself..haha).

Our sumptous breakfast...

Look at the melted cheese..yummz...

Burrito with egg & ham..yummy~!

In fact, even before we started on the delicious food, darling whipped out a little gift for me. A pleasant surprise thou... =)

Another little surprise gift from Eddy... =)

Isn't it sweet? I just love it~! =)

As we were eating we spent a considerable amount of time talking about our future. fact this topic has become our little pasttime (did I use the right word to describe? I duno.. =S) whenever we had the time to talk about things. Call this day dreaming or counting the eggs before they hatch. But for me, a person who is rather pessimistic, this sorta serves as a form of therapy for me especially in the event that I seem to lose direction of where our relationship is going. In fact, (I think) darling seems to enjoy talking about this too. Seems to see his little eyes light up whenever we talk about this. *Blush* =P

Talking about this juz would like to take this chance to thank Ava for being such a good pal. Apparently she saw my previous post about how depressed I was so she actually msg me to comfort & of coz give me a piece of her mind. Haha, so friend she is. Glad that actually cared thou.. =)

Anyway the rest of the day was spent watching 3 shows at 1 go....

[x] A documentary name BULLSHIT from the web TV
[x] The Fog
[x] The Exorcist

All super nice show~! You guys should go watch it if you have the chance... =)

Well..overall..the day was spent rather fruitfully... =) looking forward to our half year anniversary which is coming in less than 1 weeks' time.. =)