Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, February 22, 2006
2/22/2006 11:27:00 PM
Woke up early in the morning to prepare to go to scool by 10.30am to study with Daniel. But since Eddy's dental appointment ended early so I decided to meet him for breakfast. was rather a long wait as I haven't bath yet. So he went along to donate blood.

Met him at raffles Place MRT to have Carl's Junior. of the best fast food I've tasted. But its expensive thou. Imagine S$11 pluz for a full meal~! =S

Darling also bought me some stuff. Of them one of the came to practical use. And that is 2 black pen (which he claim to be very nice to write) for my exams. So thoughtful~! =)

"Pens of Love" for better luck in exams?

Flower with a full bloom..Nice~! =)

After breakfast, I went to school while Eddy went to work. Well..reached there later than I planned. Cos its already almost 1pm~! =S

Oh least I will have some reasonable time to study before I go home. =P

Anyway, its really a different feeling when you study with another person as compared to being alone. For at least you've got someone to joke with if you are bored & that really help wake you up abit. Luckily Daniel is a rather "serious" student (only when exams are nearing), so we still managed to get some study although we do joke around alot too~! =P

Anyway, the study seems to drain me of much energy. It was so bad to the extent that I didn't have appetite or the energy to think about much thing. But still, being drained of energy always makes me depressed, espcially when I am on my way home alone. To make matters worse, some thoughts which have for very long never appeared in my mind starts to come back to me. Haiz....

So, as if I am not in a more pathetic enough state, I ended the day feeling drained of every energy I have & depressed... =S

Hope tomorrow will be a better day bahz...