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Friday, February 17, 2006
2/17/2006 11:39:00 PM
Yippe~! Today is finally the day when me & Eddy celebrate our Valentine's Day~! We are going to PULAU UBIN~! Yeah~! =)

A belated 1 thou... -_-"

But who cares~! Haha

We started out real early & met at Yishun central. Wahaha...even before we actually began our little excursion...we have already spent a "bomb" on food & snacks & even munching more than 50% if it once we bought it..haha

Well...darling's theory is that since we are going to cycle such a long distance then we had better fill up our stomach~! But..well...I don't know about that..I just think that its just 1 of his excuse~! Hehe

Anyway we bought food along the way. All the way from Yishun to Pasir Ris & even Changi Jetty~! I almost mistook that our purpose for meeting is to shop for the best goodies in singapore~! =P

Some delicious food we bought from Pasir Ris were:

The crispy dough stick~! Notice its golden brown?

The Popiah~! Can hear the crispy sound as you bite it~! =P~~

As we reach Changi Jetty we went to the hawker centre where they sold the all-time favourite nasi lemak. There, we bought a goreng pisang & a packet of coconut drink.

That was when I made a joke of myself. Darling said that he wanted to buy coconut to drink but I didn't allow him to. But he still went ahead to buy. When he came back with the drink, there was shock written on my face. Why? Coz was thinking that he wanted to buy the gigantic coconut on the shelf (its bigger than my head lei.. =S). But ended up that it was just a packet of coconut drink la~! Chey~! Me & my wild crazy imagination~! How could I have tot that He was so dumb as to buy that? Hehe Totally refreshing to start our little excursion as the sun was really horrible that day~! =S

Anyway, here's a pic of the pisang fried to golden brown & the "cursed" coconut drink..hehe

After all the pigging, we finally boarded the bum boat. HAd to wait quite long as the boat operators will only move when there is 12 passengers. Well...unless you want to book the whole bum boat to yourself for S$24?! Anyway other than that, the fee is really cheap, only a mere S$2. Cool~! =)

I caught the rainbow~!

The white sands of Changi Beach...Leaving mainland lo.. =)

Just as we were standing outside the boat enjoying the view, suddenly yhe passengers inside told us to go in. I thought what happen, its only the police coast guards ma.. =S

Anyway they came on the boat to check on the identity of the passengers. There was this guy who was carrying a box of cigarettes. This subject himself to some questioning by the police & of coursee held up our time too.. =S

After which the police took our ICs to their own boat to conduct their own check ba..this further delay our time lo..even those boats that started out later than us went past us leaving us in a trail of their waves & foam...grr...

My ICs~! Return it to me now~! =P

While waiting I became bored & started snapping with my camera again..hehe

The landscape of SG - my homeland~! =)

The not so flattering pic of darling..But still I love him wor~! =P

After much baking in the sun (the place where I was sitting had the sun shining in.. =S), we finally got our ICs back & was on our way chuking to pulau Ubin le~! Yippe~!

Pulau Ubin, here we come~!

Ubin, where all the fun starts today~!

As we cycle along, I came across some interesting sights.

An abandoned & almost dried-up (due to low tide)fishing pond...

Grills erected in the sea to prevent illegal immigrants from entering SG...

A lonely kelong out in the middle of the>

What's this tree & rock doing in the middle of the sea? High tide?

What lush greenery & beautiful water...

In this hot day, this sign is like an oasis.. =S

Unexpected waves may splash at unaware passer-by..Its scary.. =S

Well..there are many more sights we came across while cycling around the island. One of which is a rather creepy looking tree which darling doesn't allow me to take. And some very run-down & abandoned house that will most likely look like haunted houses at night.. =S

As we were making our way back, we saw a stray dog.It looks really pitiful. So skinny & worse part of all is that some unkind soul who ought to burn in hell has broken its leg. Or could it be it is born with this deformity? =S

Notice the odd angle of its bent leg? Poor thing...

Since we bought alot of food for this little picnic-cum-valentine's day celebration, we decided to share abit of joy witht he poor creature. Threw to it pineapple tarts & fed it half a packet of fried beehoon. It finished everything...Wish that people will treat these creatures with more care lo..haiz..

Enjoying the beehoon. Notice its prominent rib cage? =S

Refresing coconut drink... =P~~

Darling enjoying the drink.. =)

While waiting for the boat..saw this...

Something you won't see in modern SG...

After reaching mainland, we took a bus to Tampines Mall to catch the show, Pink Panther. Very funny show & its really worth the ticket price. All was well except the guy beside me who talked once on his handphone & "molest" me..Grrr... =S

On the whole..I really enjoyed myself~! Hope that we could more of such things in future. I just love it when my other partner is someone who shares the same hobbies with me whether it is in term of sports or other activites. Or at least he should be someone who is willing to try new things... =)