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Thursday, March 09, 2006
3/09/2006 10:51:00 PM
Another paper down today. Just I've expected..not much of an acomplishment...haiz..

In fact, I left the exam hall I really was too demoralise to carry on any further. And perhaps its also becoz' my heart is already with Eddy le? =P

Actually he had a rather hard time coaxing me to go to the exams today. Coz a dear little friend of mine decided not to come for the exams last minute & this affected me somewhat. Thou its also partially coz I myself was not too well prepared for the exams & was rather scared off by the past year paper I seen for the 1st time.. =S

After much persuasion, I finally relented to go for the "war". But well, seems like the results remains the same - coming out of the lecture hall feeling rather low & dejected... =(

Luckily, I still have something to look forward too. And that is meeting darling for our little 4-movie marathon~! Yippee~! =)

They are namely:

1. Final Destination 3

2. Date Movie

3. Brokeback Mountain

4. A documentary on the galaxy

Below are xia-mi-mi's own little movie critic:

Final Destination 3
This was a totally gross-out movie right from the start. Lots of blood flying all over the place. Other than that, this movie has not much of a storyline. Coz throughout the show, I wasn't really too interested in the progress of the story or the speech of the roles. I was more interested in seeing the way those people die ( me a sadist if you wish). But what's nice about the show is that everytime someone dies, the scene is so bloody & horrible that me & darling wouldd practically scream (in excitement?)~! =P

Love all the blood scenes in there - all the way from people flying out of the roller coaster to the guy being killed after his head was sandwiched (or should I say smashed) by 2 dumbbells to 2 babes being fried alive while doing some artificial sun tanning...*pukes* (o.O)

Date Movie
This is a totally hilarious movie although it does not make much sense here. But its a good anough movie if you are looking for some good laugh, of coz not forgetting some scenes which shows the hot babes...*drools*

This movie reminds me alot about Scary Movie 3 coz it brings in alot of scenes from other movies. Cool~! =)

Brokeback Mountain
This is a rather boring show. Well except for the gay doing some of their stuff, there isn't much to see. Could this be why they didn't win the big movie award? =X

So eventually, we skipped the movie & went on to the documentary.... =P

Today Eddy passed me 2 little gifts from his mum. When I first saw it I thought the design was rather lovely, but the only problem was that it seems abit small. So I started to wonder if I could rerally fit in them or would i turn into an incredible hulk.. -_-"

A nice pink mickey top... =)

Yet another blue mickey top.. =)

As I darling was sending me home at the MRT he came across a S$5 note on the floor. Well, most people would pick up the buck swiftly, but not in the case of darling.

His reaction was to grin at me & point to me the $$ on the floor~! And worst still, he actually stepped over the money before telling me~! Pengz~! =S

If it weren't for my swift & of coz "shameless" reaction, I think the $$ would have long landed in the hands of the man behind him le. I pity the poor man thou, coz I could almost feel his chest-pounding-head banging feeling~! So close yet so far~! Or should I say "Now you see it, now you don't"? Somehow, I feel that it is rather mean of me to say all these...Am I? -_-"

My victory~! Yippe~! I'm RICH~! =P

I also saw some very nice jewellery on my calender. So thought I should take a pic of it & show it to you guys...*droolz*

Was feeling bored after I got home, so I did a personality quiz..Haha

Aniwae this is the result of it... =)

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful
But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself
You're the perfect blend of independent and caring
You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!