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Sunday, March 26, 2006
3/26/2006 11:21:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

It's my birthday today!!! =D

Well first I would like to thank my darling Lixia, my bro-in-law Steven, and my sis Emily! Thank you for making my bday such a great one!

Well as today's my bday, Steven brought me down to San Jose to eat one of my favorite food: Com Tam!! (Vietnamese Broken Rice). He even let me drive such a long distance: 70miles/112km to and fro, that's 140 miles, 224km! Well also it was some crazy drive at 80mph/120kph all the time!

Before that we went to Fry's Electronic store to get PCI card and wireless USB adapter for the computer we got at the thrift store for US$20. A PIII 500MhZ PC with ethernet, 128MB video card, 512MB RAM, 30GB Hard drive, and a CD Rom drive, is well worth US$20! I installed the OS in there and put an additional 256Mb RAM in there and well you have a basic PC!

Well without further , here is the photos of my trip! =)

This is Lilo...(mimimo!)

This Spottie....(Pooo!)

On the freeway to San Jose...

Com Tam..(Vietnamese broken rice with BBQ srimp,pork chop, steam egg, and shrimp cake.. Yummy!

BBQ chicken with crispy pork lard!!!

The same as above, but with pork chop!!

Sweet fish sauce...! Yummy..

Ice vietnamese coffee... Yummy!

Vietnamese bur bur cha cha!!

The restuarant we went...

Nice View of the hills!!

Big Tikus at a fast food restuarant..

Story Road ... ???

On the freeway...