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Friday, March 24, 2006
3/24/2006 08:23:00 PM
Article Submitted By Eddy:

Today was quite a slow day as I was at home most of the day... either watching TV, channel surfing or just playing with Spottie, Lilo and Nikolai...

Later in the evening me and Steven went to Costco and Walmart.. here are the photos of these huge warehouse wholesale hypermarket/ supermarket:

Costco is a warehouse wholesale hypermarket that requires a yearly membership to enter and buy its stuff. Nearly all of their items are sold in bulk, eg. you would only buy 1 disposable shaver in a supermarket but it sells 50 in a package.

Walmart is a well known supermarket selling almost everything from clothes to fishes. Normal Walmarts do not sell fresh food but Super Walmarts which are bigger stores sell them and these Super Walmarts operate 24 hours daily. One store i know well is in Clarksburg, West Virginia, 20 minutes drive away from my university that I've graduated from , Salem International University.

Entering Costco, the warehouse hypermarket.

Look at everything! The racks are at least 3x your height!

Look at the amount of clothes they sell!

Rows and rows of refrigerators!!

Even the bacon are sold in such huge packs!

In America, everything is at least 2X the size compared to Singapore.

Even the potatoes are this huge!!

Even these irresistable berry pies are hugee! Look at the Strawberries on it!

Crates and crates of wine... what I call expensive drunk...!

Quote Jessica Simpson: "Is Tuna chicken or fish?" =S
So what you guys think? Chicken or fish? This brand really confuses people!

3 good pounds(around 1.8 Kg) of Tortilla Strips, enough to drown you in trash food for a month!

We bought this tray of pastries for $5.49.. Doesn't it look yummy? =P~~

We went to the Costco foodcourt to buy food... one of the best and cheapest food around!

Churros(Top), Polish Dog, and Yoghurt.

These churros are sooo huge! and they only cost US$1!

We bought Pizza home too... Just look at the box, and tell me how huge is it!

Beautiful Lamps on display..!

Outside Walmart at the Garden center... Look at these lovely flowers!

Lovely flowers!!

Entering Walmart in Vallejo, CA... Look at how huge is it! And this is only a Normal Walmart!

Fishes for sale in Walmart...

SpongeBob SquarePants!!!

I bought this teeth whitening paste for US$4.97 at walmart..

A bag of treats for Spottie, Lilo, and Nikolai... Mints for them to freshen up their breath too..!