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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
3/22/2006 10:38:00 PM
Article Submitted by Lixia:

Its been like 3 days since darling has been gone. And in just merely 3 days lots of things happened as well as thoughts came to my mine...

I would say that the "toughest" period since darling was away could well be over le. Becos' during the first day esp when he was away, it just feels so wierd - suddenly there is no one for me to msg or call as & when I like. And the worst thing was that most of the day when he was around I would always prepare to get ready to go to his workplace to look for him but now....haiz~!

I know I am just being whiny here, but I can't help it. W/o darling, life feels so empty almost to the extent of being so boring. No one to talk to me. No one to even quarrel with me or let me SCOLD~! =S

During this few days something bad happen too & this made me feel that I really needed someone to talk to - someone who knows most of my past & all.

When I tried desperately to reach darling in the USA & I could not get him, I thought that my world has come to an end. And I mean it - I really panic at that time. In the past, whenever I met with such a situation & needed someone to talk to or vent my frustrations, darling is always there - ever ready to hear from me.


Guess it's one precious lesson learnt. Probably with this lesson learnt, I will treat darling better as compared to in the past? Well, just keep your fingers crossed about it ba..haha

Aniwae darling was rather sweet for this 3 days that he was away. Everyday we would still keep in contact either through MSN or SMS or by phone. This helps to keep my worries & moodiness at bay. Haha..I am a hopeless case la... =P

Technology is really the most wonderful invention during this period~! Especially the invention of video & audio conferencing. Now keeping in touch is so much easier & cheaper le... =)

Another good news that brings at least a bit of joy to my family is that our flat is finally sold. Not as if my house layout sux or something but its the damn neighbour who is spoiling the market for us.

Imagine everytime the potential buyer comes, they would either be talking loudly or playing their mahjong. And this is despite us aking them in the most polite manner for their coorperation. When we do that, guess what's their reaction? They shot back: YOU SELLING YOUR FLAT NOT OUR BUSINESS HOR~!

Kaoz~! What uncouth people~! Grrr... -_-"

Now we all can all sleep in peace le. Anything they do now its PAYBACK TIME~! They better don't try anything funny or else... =)