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Friday, March 24, 2006
3/24/2006 11:15:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Went out with Eddy's mum today. Well..the initial plan for today was actually to go to school to study. Then later, the plan changed to meeting Ed's mum for lunch before going over to Ava's house to study.

But seems like things didn't go as planned as I ended up spending the whole day shopping with his mum (as expected?).. =P

But on the whole, today was spent rather "meaningfully". At least, not only have I got some nice stuff for myself, I've also spent some quality time with someone who has the same hobby as me. & that is SHOPPING~! =P

Ed's mum bought me a pair of shoes today... *Blush*

I bought myself a pretty pink nail polish... =)

Oh was just thinking about some of the things that happen during this week that are worth mentioning...

When I was on my way to school earlier this week, I saw this bus driver (think he drives bus 52) who is rather cute. I mean as compared to the other uncle drivers he is really not bad looking, at least he is not dirty (or tanned) look. Quite a boyish face. =)

And the funny thing was that I caught this auntie peeping at him & keep looking at his reflection from the bus rear mirror~! =O

Last but not least, when I visited Averil's blog earlier this week came across a rather interesting (or should I say gross) video. *Pukez*

Check this out~!