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Saturday, March 18, 2006
3/18/2006 11:07:00 AM
Article Submitted by Lixia:

Yesterday was finally the end of my mock exams. Yippee~! =)

Yet another new outlook to my blog...

With the effect of today, the blog will be a site not only dedicated to me, it will now also be a blog belonging to me & darling. This will enable us to put up our articles in a more consolidated manner.. =)

Don't know whether this will work out or not so am keeping my fingers crossed. Al comments on how to further improve our blog is much welcome from anyone... =P

Aniwae met darling to celebrate his birthday before he goes off to the US. I had planned a small surprise for him but neither do I know that he has a larger surprise for me...

He woke up at 5.45am today to take a bus down to Pasir Ris to buy my fav crispy you tiao & popiah. He was so early that even the uncle selling is not even ready for business yet... =S

So sweet~! Well, what I can say is that when I received it, I was really touched. At least the "old Eddy" I first know is "back" again...

What almost jerk some tears out from me is that when he told me as-a-matter-of-factly that this is the last tikuz srprise he could at least get for me before he goes away... =

I was really touched~!

Aniwae this 3 weeks I think I will miss my darling ba. But at least I can keep my mind occupied with my studies...

Looking forward to the day my blue tikuz comes back....