Beautiful Girls

Saturday, March 04, 2006
3/04/2006 08:51:00 PM
It is one of those weekends when Eddy & I had the chance to go to the gym together. Can see that his stamina has improved quite a bit. Jia you wor~! =)

After that, he came over to my house to be my house maid. Came over to clear up those leftover vegetarian food in the fridge from yesterday. & of coz to help me change & wash my the water filter of my fish tank. Aint i just mean? =P

But our little darling here seems to not mind it at all & seem happy about doing all these lei. Or am I just hallucinating it all? -_-"

After that, we made our way to Suntec City where there is the Career Fair 2006 on. Well, the both of us tried to act cute abit, so we decided to take a bus there instead of MRT. Man, do I regret it. Cos the long journey (at least 1 hr) made me nauseous & darling ended up sleeping instead of talking to me.. -_-"

Well..feeling abit sick & cramped up (coz I am sitting inside while darling is outside), I decided to take some pics along the way...

Before any trimming were added..abit..ermm...

Nice plain trimming above the window...

Coloured trimmings...

Another style...

Finally...after eternity, we reached our destination... =)

A hell lot of people there. Darling went on to ask about the various post-graduate courses at the booths of NTU & even the foreign institutes.

One of the most irritating booth we encoutered was that offering education in Finland. Well..the lady in charge of the booth is a nice lady & I would say a rather voluptuous lady. So probably that is why she is attracting some unwanted attention (at least this is what I think, coz darling got some REALLY IMPORTANT questions to enquire about~!). -_-"

Those 3 dirty old man were just standing around talking crap to her. Telling her about how amazing it is for Finland to offer free education & wouldn;t it be great to have a Finnish girlfriend & all the crap of a bullshit. Kaoz...& guess what? One of them is actually an exhibitor himself - an associate professor from NTU~! Pengz~! -_-"

Well..aniwae after the exhibition we went along to shop & walk around in Suntec. There is really alot of people. And as if this wasn;t bad enough, every now & then there weill be groups of moronic idiots who will act as road dividers in the middle of the shopping mall~!

Don't get what I mean? Well, basically they will be standing in the middle of the mall & talking among themselves, oblivious to the (irritated)people trying to push their way through... -_-"

Are they blind or what~! So damn inconsiderate~! -_-"

Think that is all we see of inconsiderate people for the day?

No. There is more... -_-"

Just as we were waiting for bus to go home (the both of us not learning our lesson just now & trying to act cute again...), there was a whole lot of car at the entrance where the taxi stand is...

Suddenly we heard this really sharp & long horn from a car..apparently the driver is getting frustrated with the car in front for not moving for so long...

Well..too bad, I say, the driver in front doesn;t know that zig zag line means no waiting..but still horning for so long is so irritating..imagine doing it for many time too~! Grrrr~!

No wonder darling says that driving in Singapore can get quite stressful esp with these inconsiderate drivers around....

God Bless... -_-"