Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
3/08/2006 08:31:00 AM
Lately been really busy coz was studying for the horrible mock exams. But one thing diff from last time was that I seem to be studying all over the place in SG. Unlike in the past two years where I study mainly in school, this year I've study in a couple of places le...

Namely, School (duh!), Lau Pa Sat, China Sq foodcourt, Esplanade Library, National Library & my latest hangout...EAST COAST PARK Macdonald's~! =)

Well..studying in diff environment can be quite a good experience, that is if the environment there "suits" you...

Like for example in Mac, the one thing that suits me is the food there..anytime I wana eat the delicious fries or burger, I could~! Isn't that great? =)

But of course have to minus away the extremely irritating & noisy school kids... =S

Paper cutting done by me. Hmm...bit torn (initially it was better, till I got carried away with cutting)... =)

This is Ava. Made her pose for this was during the later part of the study where we all got bored & all..... =p

Say CheEsE~!

Ava giving you her most "sexy" flying kiss.. -_-"

Of all the pic this is the MOST normal..nice mole on ur face (often mistaken for some stain on the face.. -_-"), gal~!

P.S. Hope that I could do well for my next few papers... =)

Then something happened this morning that set my little prawny brain thinking...

Sometimes I think that some of my guy friends out there are really "practical". And this I meant in more of a primate kind of way...

They would like pop up once in a while in your life & ask rather superficial questions.Some of the more ridiculous questions they would ask 1st thing are:

Where are you?
Then most likely my response to them would be: Hell, why should I even be reporting to you my whereabouts?

You free today?
Then most likely my response to them would be: don't even have the most basic courtesy to ask me how am I & stuff & you wana go out with me? Or do you mean am I providing "free" service? -_-"

Are you (still) attached?
Then most likely my response to them would be: Is it any of your concern? Is it if I am attached you ain't gona waste your time with me & delete my contact from your HP?

Note: Most of the time when such guys ask me this kind of qn & I ans them honestly then they would not appear in my life in awhile till many million years later when they will pop the same qn again to me~! What the hell~!)

Anyway in conclusion to this part of the article is that such guys who probably want to pick up some girls should just try the "conventional" way. Example, trying to get to know the girl first & all, instead of just asking some rather superficial & I would say rude & intrusive questions. This is of course applying to those guys who wana pick up (or should I say woo) some rather reasonably decent girls.

For the other group of guys who ain't in this same line of thought & probably not looking for decent girls or something like that..probably this little tip of mine don't really apply to you~! =S