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Friday, March 03, 2006
3/03/2006 11:41:00 PM
Today is the start of my exams~! And its almost one of the most horrible (or probably all of the are?) subject...Law of Business Organisation~! =S expected, despite me learning for the exams, I still ended up going into the exam halls with a total mental blackout..Haiz...

Imagine mixing up with all the cases and all..and things that I've learnt I've forgotten about them....

Grr...I could bang the wall for it..Aargh~! least one thing I could console myself with & that is at least I've gone in to gain some experience. After all, it isn't this exam that counts, its the one in June that really matters~!

Ain't I one optimistic gal~? Haha

Well..can't be help, if I ain't this way I would probably have jumped down the block many times because of exams le~! Pathetic, Life's too short to be wasted this way right? =P

Anyway, who cares..since its one down for me & its a Friday, met up with Eddy. Its his off day too mahz~! =)

Went to Plaza Singapura. Before we went into the bullding, we came across a booth set up by S.P.C.A.

So we went over there to take a look. And darling ended up buying some stuff & donating some money. Haha..guess he really loves the dogs there~! =p

Poster full of cuddly things...

A cute hamster pin-on batch...

Front view of notebook...

Back view of notebook...

After that we went to catch Big Momma House in the theatres. As the Q was very long, Eddy brought me to this very amazing machine which he said we could purchase cinema tickets all the same.. o.O

Presenting....The AXS machine~! =P

The end result..The ticket...amazing~! =)

Then was wondering why people don't buy tickets this way. After the whole (simple) process was completed, I finally got the answer to my question...Its becoz' this machine does not allow me to choose where I want to sit~! -_-"

But still, this is a rather amazing machine. Don't you guys agree? Or, it I am juz another mountain turtle? -_-"

Aiyo..that show is so guys should actually go watch it. Its so funny that darling & me (& of course the whole theatre) were "screeching" from our seats~! In short, funny till the last scene~! Haha

Just some update on my sick fishies..They have almost recovered & Eddy had bought yet another plant to beautify the tank.. =)

And he below is yet another little gift he gave me.. =)

Something to beautify my room~! =)