Beautiful Girls

Monday, April 03, 2006
4/03/2006 06:50:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

While at Southern California, we stayed over at Steven's sister place at Lake Elsinore.

Day 1: We went to Ontario to do our taxes and then went to Ontario Mills Factory outlet mall to shop..

Lake Corona Fishing

Lovely view of the mountain ranges by the freeway...

Parking at the mall...

Nike Factory Store at Ontario mills.

A Typical foodcourt at a mall in the US.

Show me the monkey!

Panda Express, a very well known chinese fast food chain, but serves terrible food. Taste good to other people except the asians.

Make your teddy shop...

Lego store!!!

Of all the stores, the favorite, Disney Stores!!

Look at all the soft toys selling so cheap!!!

Dory fish & Nemo!!

We settled for Costco combination pizza at the end of the day... look at the comparison with the plate!