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Friday, April 14, 2006
4/14/2006 11:37:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

After so long, darling is finally back. Well, met him immediately the next morning. In fact, the night before I was already grinning to myself that I had actually survived this far & was also bursting with much anticipation & excitement. =p

When I met him at the MRT, of coz it was the big bear hug. Oh gosh, are we over-reacting here or something? It seems that we are acting as if we haven't met each other for like 3 years when it was actually only been 3 WEEKS~! =S

But anyway, as usual, he bought lots of little gifts & surprises for me. The amount of things he bought was so "scary" that it took me 2 carrier bags for me to contain them. =S

A pair of nice earrings...

A matching necklace..

A manicure set.. =O

A sweet Maybelline lipstick... =)

A gadget to seperate the baby fishes ~ even the babies are thought of by darling...Amazing~! =)

A cute 2006 16 mths calender~! =O

A pretty dress from Ed's sis, Emily

Yet another top ~ sexy thou..& another Levis jeans for me... =)

A cute puppy notebook.. =)

Actually would really like to show more of the little gifts but it really too many. So I'll stop right here. If in future there is any other chance I will try to put the pics up again.. =)

Apart from the present, darling also packed from a very nice fast food chain (Denny's) a breakfast set all the way from the USA. The quantity they serve was so huge that I think that it will take 2 average Singaporeans to finish it. And bet those who know me will be amazed that ME (A well known big eater) can't even finish it~! =S

The main course ~ Eggs, sausages, Ham & Bacon...

A stack of pancakes..burpz.. =S

On the whole this was truely a very fruitful day that I have waited for soooo long. We spent the rest of the day looking through the little surprises, having breakfast & talking about the future as well as other crap. This must be my little reward by the Above for being such a patient little prawn... *Grinz* =P