Beautiful Girls

Thursday, April 27, 2006
4/27/2006 11:05:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Had evening class today. And exams is looming even nearer by now. But the good thing is that its gonna be slightly more than 1 week before darling can book out for the 1st time ever since he got enlisted. Looking forward to it... =)

But in the meantime I've been also busy with my things & getting along fine in life... =)

In fact, I've been getting so busy that its rather scary. Waking up as early as 9am in the morning but not sleeping until its way past 12am. But the wierd thing is that I am still not getting haggard or anything of that sort. Lucky me... =D

Anyway since I am having evening class with Ava, I decided to go to her house to meet her so that we can go to school later together. usual, the both of us seem to become chicken backside the moment we see each other. Coz our mouth can never stop talking. Could it be girls are always girls - never stop talking? Or is it just us? hehe

But the most amusing thing that Ava & me noticed was that Milo seem to be walking around the house the whole day long. This is especially so when there is action happening in the house, you will surely find this cutey there. Indeed a self-proclaimed supervisor.. =P

The supervisor..

And of course not missing out places where people are eating, he will hang around doing all sorts of "tricks" or simply act pathetic. cute... *faintz* =)

Playing dead...

The pathetic look that I can't resist...

Goody-2-shoes just for food... =S

Cute? =)

Just like today when Ava's dad was giving me another helping of fried beehoon, our friend will be standing below all ready to eat whatever that falls off the plate. So when the beehoon dropped & I exclaimed in horror, her father said it ok. And before I knew it, it was cleaned up by the "house maid"... =P

Later on when we went for class. It was so boring. Well..but at least I tried to do my mock exam questions while the lecturer goes through other questions. But its really no point staying on, I guess.

During break time, this was when the little devil in the both of us started poofing out. We started discussing whether we should leave.

It goes this way:

Ava: Gosh, its so boring. Think if it not that you are here, I would have been gone by now.

Me: Ya..its quite boring leh...

Ava: Then you wanna leave the class meh?

Me: Hmm..wanna leave then leave lohhhhh...
(Can practically see my mouth form an "O" shape when I say "lohhhh") =D

Ava: ??!! *Shocked*

Well, as agreed..I was supposed to say that I physcho Ava to leave the class lahz. So well..I did. Hehe

Hope that Ms Ava, if you are reading this entry, its pleases you... =P

*Psst* But truth is:
WE BOTH PHYSCHO EACH OTHER LAHZ. We are the little "devils" of each other..Wehee...