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Saturday, April 29, 2006
4/29/2006 12:30:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

I am indeed a proud little prawn today. Coz despite me not having the mood to go to school for class, I went still.

Frankly speaking, the credit for all this don't really goes to me. For me, I thought that its really quite a drag to go as I think that I won't benefit from it much. I'd rather stay at home to mug for my exams.

So I decided to try my luck.

Told mum that I didn't feel like going for class the night before. And her reply was:

Next time if you don't want to attend a lesson then don't even bother paying for it. And she grrr me...
*Runs off with tail between my legs* =S

So I decided to try my luck with darling the next time he called. Told him the same excuse & his reply was:

Darling: Go lahz...its good for you....
Me: ......
Darling: Remember you promised to study hard when I am in camp?
Me: ?!

*shrugs shoulders in exasperation*

To make matter worse or should I say to make sure that his demands persuasion sinks into my prawny head, he even called later in the afternoon. This was just when I was snuggling cozily in my air con bedroom, listening to my fav songs & lazing away starting to write my essay. =S

Oh well, can't escape from class I guess. Even my bribe offer of giving him a
BIG kiss when he books out from camp doesn't help.. =S

So off I go to school now... =S