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Saturday, April 01, 2006
4/01/2006 07:31:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its 1st April. And yes, its a very special day. Guess what's day is it today?

April Fool's Day?

Its our 7 months anniversary~!

I thought he would have forgotten about it. After all he is so far away from me (the place he is in is 1 day behind S'pore) & also probably most guys would tend to forget about such a day after a few months together.

I thought to myself that if he really did forget I would most likely be disappointed & sad but I would also be half expecting it to happen...

Yesterday & today I had a terrible headache. Yesterday I thought to myself the only thing that could make me feel better was to receive the "thing" that darling told me he sent to me by snail mail. But when I opened the letter box I saw none of it. My heart really sank. For once I wished I had gone to USA with him or at least he was by my side.

My misery heightened when I went home to find it empty. So I ended up cooking myself a bowl of cream soup & (most pathetically) having dinner alone.

Only then I knew that loneliness sometimes can be killing.. =(

However, what made my day today was that he had not forgotten about our special day. He wished me HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY the first thing when I came online to talk to him. I felt really happy and this sort of happiness is right from the bottom of my heart.

No way in my past relationships had I felt this way. As in the past such feeling will very fast be replaced with a stagnant or stale feeling after a few months together.

Now its 7.38pm and I am all alone at home once again. But some reason I felt more at peace rather than empty or lonely (well..probably a little emotional ba).

But in actual fact, it is darling who made me REALLY optimistic. And I would say that he had it tough just to make me become a "happier" person.

Friends who are close to me & knew our little stories can definitely vouch for it. Guess they sometime feel sorry for him that he actually had such a demanding or inflexible or fierce girlfriend ba.. =S

In the nice ambience of the piano pieces by David Lanz (Ava lent me the CD) I looked through his pics and I suddenly realise how much darling has changed from the time before he met me to when he met me to now..

Its really amazing that he has changed so much. Could it be for me. Or due to me? Or?

Whatever the reason I am happy that he has become more desirable & presentable. And I am confident he can & has the ability to be better than what he is...

Sorry getting abit emotional now...

But I am still happy that we have come so far...

Hoping here that I can still write more entries about us, our life, our thought & dreams just like what I've been doing now...