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Thursday, April 20, 2006
4/20/2006 11:48:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its has been less than 1 week since darling came back from the US and its time for him to be enlisted for the Army. Oh gosh..why is it so unfair? Time seems so short..haiz... =( least I could say that we spent almost most of our waking moments these few days together. But of course, this wasn't without our usual little quarrels here & there. But on the whole, we spent our time mainly talking, eating all the good food he brought back from there & doing things that we (or rather I) had always wanted to do.

We even bought a little DIY art piece from the Pasar malam~! Doing it was tough, not because the work was difficult. It was more of our hands keep hitting on each other's & darling kept squirting the glitter (accidentally) on wrong places, almost ruining our masterpiece. And of coz my mmod too..grrr.. =S

Getting ready to paint...

The materials provided...

That's darling painting the nose.. =)

The end product..looks like darling lei.. =P

I even managed to convince darling to play the guitar for me.. =)

For instance, today darling brought me to East Coast Park to eat before we strolled to Bedok Jetty. What I can say is that the ambience of the hawker center is rather good. For one thing, its not too noisy & neither was it stinky. A rather cool place with orange lamps & pavilion to make the place romantic.. =)

Lots of good food in there.. *Droolz*

What a spread..yummz~! =)

@ Bedok Jetty...

Haiz..time really flies. Even before he is inside there I already can't bear to think too much about it.

Sounds mushy & too touchy for your liking?

Well...I've yet to get down to the details on what I did when I am feeling so lousy of it all. So you should be feeling rather relieved. =S

But no, am I just a self-centered girlfriend who think of just all about myself. I do think abotut my darling too. In fact, not only will I be missing him during this period, I will also be worrying for his safety in there.

I worry he may meet with some mishap during training. =S

I worry that he may encounter some "dirty" stuff. =S

I worry he may offend some people in there. =S

I worry he may become an outcast in there. =S

I worry about the hardship he has to go through in there.

There is a whole lorry of stuff that I woory about. Haiz..yeah yeah..I know..all these worries make me sound more like an anxious parent rather than a gf right? But, really, I can't help it too, you know... =(

I wish that all this will be over very soon. That this 2 years will fly by & before we both know it he would have ORD & I would have achieved quite abit in life le.. =)

Hope that I will not get too emotional or do some other silly things tomorrow when sending him off. Its so EMBARASSING & there goes my pretty little make-up~! =S