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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
4/26/2006 12:13:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today is another lazy day for me. Hmm...or maybe I didn't use the right word. I should say its a rather peaceful day for me, thou abit slow. Tried to do some revision as I've not much time left to the start of my ultimate nightmare - MY FINAL YEAR EXAMS~! =S

Probably its time that I start counting down so that my little prawn brain can start working out all the mould..hehe

Anyway, this morning darling did not msg me on my handphone, just like what he always did everyday ever since he got enlisted. Well, as some would expect I was feeling abit lousy about it. But when I started getting down to my revision & listening to some of my favourite music, I seem to brighten up. I thought to myself that maybe I should not be wasting my time away dwelling in the fact that darling is not gonna be always there for me every moment of the time or day.

This little fact sounds harsh & nightmarish to me thou. In fact, if it was me in the "past" I would certainly not accept this cruel little fact. I would have scowled. Kicked my feet. Stormed off. Or threaten to do all sorts of silly things. Doing all the things that a spoilt kid would do just to get her way.

But wierdly this time round I really don't see a need to do that. Its just not worth it. Coz I know somewhere in my heart that darling is "fighting" hard to "survive" in there & also to try his very best to work his way to fulfil our little dream. So why should I be wasting my life away instead of doing my part too?

Sounds mushy?

But true. I know that is what is happening. And I guess this little pep talk to myself & trying to build a little confidence in me is what that has kept me alive for so long. Guess I should gain some credit for it too? =)

Can I say that the prawn has finally been enlightened & thus matured?

Or could it have been the healing affect of the music I am hearing right now that is "hypnotising" me to think in such a way that I would never have in the past?

But in any case, this seem to bring my interest to research abit about the supposed healing effect of music.

And this was what I found...

We have all heard by now what positive effects listening to music has on one's well being. From playing Mozart to make you smarter, to the soothing sounds of relaxing ambient music to relieve stress. We turn up the rock-n-roll to get us energized in the morning and have experienced the calming sounds of a quiet dinner out.

Sometimes music can reach people in ways that other types of traditional therapy cannot.

Think of any song that might have touched you at some time. You may have felt that the singer was singing about your life or situation that you were dealing with. In this way, music provides the starting point to break through and begin the therapeutic process.

No one's sure exactly how music heals, but it looks like our brains are wired to respond to it. At a nonverbal level, music activates our minds, integrates our attention, and seems to help regulate some body functions.

In fact, the right song seems to work in more than one way--distracting us from pain, boosting mood, reviving old memories, even prompting the body to match its rhythms. With its many tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, music helps to stimulate the brain in many ways at once.

Just a little poem I chanced upon about the beauty of music:

Music is silence and sound, dancing together in space.
The heavens are music. The earth is music.
Called into being, we listen.
Living resonances of the word, we sing.
Embracing in silence and sound
Together in endless song, is harmony.
Listen with love. Awaken to music.
Sounding the truth together is healing.

-Author unknown -

For me any song is good. As long as I can associate with it. Singing helps me to further "release" whatever feeling bottled inside, bursting to get out. But sometimes emotional people like me can get so carried away that after listening to a sad song, my mood will become that way too... =S

I wish that all you guys can find the song of your life... *hugz*