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Friday, April 07, 2006
4/07/2006 09:46:00 AM
Articles submitted Lixia:

Thanks for all the kind advices & encouragement by my beloved friends & family regarding the matter of me having a job offer so soon. Really appreaciate it very much.. =)

This entry will serve as a little update as to my decision about this matter in case any of you guys are interested in it).. =)

After being "tormented" for like 2 days, I've finally come up with a decision for this matter...

I've decided to REJECT this offer.


Well...of coz this is with many other consideration in mind & advices from friends such as Ava, Constance, my family &of coz darling. I've already got some advices telling met to reject the offer before darling came back to California from New York.

So anyway I waited for him to be back & discussed this further with him. He later also thinks that I should not take up this job.

This finally sets my heart thinking that this job may not be the best job for me after all.

I guess now is really not the time for me to me to start hunting for job yet. Its just too early. Guess I will start again at a later period. Cos' during this period I do have other CPA firms that approach me as I cannot commit soon, they don't see the need to interview me so soon. What a let down~! =S

Probably this is the time when the principle of "The best things are usually worth the wait" applies. So I will do just that & stop antagonising myself with such matters until much later..