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Friday, May 12, 2006
5/12/2006 12:37:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy , blu~ tikus!

Hi everyone!! I've not blogged for a long time now as I have been away from Mainland Singapore for a few weeks now..

As you all may know from the previous few posts from my darling, I have been enlisted into the Army since 21st April 2006 with 2 years of full-time service committment till 21st April 2008.

Training in the island that all older male Singaporeans fondly know as Pulau Tekong Basic Military Training School has been very tough but also challenging. Thanks to my darling and the instructors there my physical strength and endurance has improved, in addition to some ideal weight loss with it... !

Basic Military Training includes training in the following, physical/endurance training for physical tests to be taken, weapons handling of the M16s1 rifle, grenade throwing, foot drils, field craft, and in short, it's like an elementary school of the Army.

One could feel discouraged living with people from all walks of life, or cheer up and learn from the expriences gained. As what the banner in Pulau Tekong Jetty says: "BMT- it's about not the days that you've left behind, its about what you will gain in the days ahead".

If one would have followed closely or somehow make sense of the Seven core values of the Singapore Armed Forces, he will then appreciate why he has a role to play:

1) Loyalty to Country
2) Leadership
3) Discipline
4) Professionalism
5) Fighting Spirit
6) Ethics
7) Care for soldiers

With the constant encouragement and loveeee from my darling, I am determined to make the best out of my training of 7 weeks in Basic Military Training!