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Saturday, May 20, 2006
5/20/2006 10:04:00 PM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

It's been a week since I've blogged, and now i'm back from army again!

Since tuesday I was having my field camp till friday in a rubber plantation on the army training island Pulau Tekong. Starting up the field camp was a 6km route march with around 15kg of equipments on my back which was quite tiring.

The field camp was much different from life in the bunks. When I was in the field camp, I started to miss the simple comforts like bed, and even the toilet bowl! That is because there is now flush system in the field camp so shit holes were dug up & after finishing we use our entrenching tool to cover soil up on it.

As for me, my bowels were offically shut down during the field camp as I didn't even feel the urge to do my business. Probably because of the shit hole? Peeing was done next to the field toilet where we pee on an area on the open grass.. =S

The rest of the field camp were spent sleeping in our 2-men bashas, having outfield lessons on combat movements & firing blanks which was the highlight of this field camp.

I went around asking for more blanks as I was only issued 25 but in the end I fired 150 rounds out of my rifle. That was some real fun out there until I started cleaning my rifle on the last day. =S

Today darling was so sweet to meet me at pasir ris when I booked out & we had breakfast together. She bought our favorite food, you tiao,spring roll & butterfly! Later it was my turn - bring her for movies~!

Over the Hedge!!! We've long waited for this movie & we watched it at Great World City in an OmniMax theatre. Lucky for us, we got the last 2 seats which were seated together. The movie was great...!

Well as for the rest of the time there I guess y'all can refer to my darling's post!

Came across this strange article on The Straits Times, Sat May 20 2006 on Pg 37:

Bark Away - Article from

The world's first internet radio station for dogs as been launched in Thailand. will broadcast non-stop instrumental music, interspersed with a few announcements.

Station Owner Anupan Boonchuen knows what he wants - the only DJs likely to be hired "must be good in barking because dogs are our listeners", he says.

Yet the station is still unsure on one point: How will it cope with feedback from it's audience?

Another thought on my mind..

As reported in newspapers there have been more murders in Singapore, mostly due to reason of money, so here's an extract from my assignment in university while reading Plato's Republic:

"Love of money in this society, brings about degradation of consciousness, and corruption. As guilty people they spend their monies on pleasures in secret, dodging the law at every single opportunity. This brings about a immoral society of "infidels" who are cunning and sly."

Till my blog next week.... Take care guys!