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Monday, May 15, 2006
5/15/2006 11:13:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Halo~! Been quite long since I last blog. Coz am busy studying for exams. Haiz, the 1st paper is coming on in 2 weeks time~! No time, no time~! Help~! =S

Anyway, for those who left a comment on the last entry (the entry by my darling), he can only reply to that this weekend when he is back from camp. So stay tuned wor... =)

Thanks for the support you give. Coz when he just posted the article, there wasn't much comment left behind by the readers. And I was worried that maybe you guys didn't like what he wrote or found it uninteresting or simply coz you ain't familiar with him. Hate to see him disappointed... =S

But luckily, there was still some support.. =)

Anyway, the main reason why I am writing this article is coz I am damn pissed. All the way from last night till tonight. *Beware: spoiler & some vulgarities. Read at your own risk*


Coz of some asshole next door~! Arrgh~! driving me mad~! *volcano erupting*

You know, am not joking. This damn guy is driving me nuts. He is a low retard who will think of all sort of little actions to irritate you.


Sorry, don't mean to be vulgar. =S

And his latest action is to do knocking sounds throughout the night. I tell you, its so loud that I can even hear the echo.

What the hell. What's he trying to prove here. I very much want to get the police involve here. And I am very sure I can get that damn jerk in deep shit.

Then you may ask, what's stopping me?

Answer is simple. My mum. =S

She says that we should just let him be. Let him face retribution in future. Sure, I believe in retribution all right. But what about now? I am fuming to the extent that I am getting angry dreams. Who's gonna help me on that?

But don't worry. I am still sane. Just that, that shitty half-ball is so cocky that despite me calling his elder brother about the situation, that f*cking piece of shit still said thing like "says who" when he was told to stop making such nuisance noise.

What the hell~! Why don't someone or something just run over him when he crossed the road? Or why don't he just choke on food with the next bite he take? Or why don't he simply just DROP DEAD~! Sh*t~!

Am truely pissed beyond words. Anyone kind enough to offer some word of advice or some help? Anything, as long as its constructive...

Wish I know someone from the gang so that they can send 100 men to bash the guts & shit out of him....