Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
5/09/2006 10:46:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Spent practically the whole day in school today. Stoned at doing my revision for the coming exams. THREE freaking weeks more. Argh~!!??

But despite so, I was still surprised that there are still people who can still sit in a group & just talk. They don't seem to be strssed that people around them are studying hard & burying their noses deep in the books. Worst still, they are making a nuisance of themselves by talking loudly & banging the table. What the h*ll~! =S

And what the hell, its really disgusting to see the girls flirting with the guys & the guys trying to act macho. In fcat, its a rather common sight in my school.. =S

Makes me wanna puke...

When I was finally on my way home, things didn't get better. Think I must be down on my luck today..

Most of you guys might think that being able to get a seat in a crowded bus is such a lucky thing. But for me, its not this way at all.

I felt sick all the way. =S


Well, the reason is very simple. The bus I was on was a double decker bus. And I simply hate it.

I hate sitting at the top deck as I feel the world spinning around me that I could puke. Curse the uncle who didn't make matters better by driving so dangerously fast when he negotiates a corner. And no thanks to the uncle who jerks the bl**dy bus regardless of whether he is stopping for passengers to board or when he is just driving along a SMOOTH road. Grrr...

Anyway, yesterday I was not even seated at the top deck. I was seated right at the bottom. But this did not make me feel better.

I suspect that one of the reasons why I was feeling so sick was cos' at the next stop, an army boy boarded the bus. And this is bad. Real bad.


Simply cos' he stinks big time~! His uniform looks so old & it looks like its soak with sweat. Ewww..

This just simply adds on to the green-ess of my face & irritate me to no end...

So what did the prawn do to react? =P

Well, nothing much actually. I just stared at him with my ever accusing eyes & pinched my nose, not bothering to hide the fact that I think he is such a skunk.. =S

Am bad eh? =P

But despite all this, I was still feeling terribly sick. I wished I could scream at the bus driver to let me alight so that I could puke or something. Or grab the wheel from his hand so that I can take over his job. I can sure do a better job than him. Haha~! =D

When finally I alighted from the bus, I decided that I should reward myself for being such a hardworking prawn as well as poor soul for having to endure all this sh*t. So I went to the fish shop. Browsed a long long while, deciding what type of fishies I should get, till I see stars again.. =S

Finally, I settled for this..

Neo Tetras~! Nice? =D