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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
5/17/2006 10:34:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Thanks to all who have either tried to give me rather constructive & mean creative ideas for the irritating neighbour that I have next door. And also not forgetting those who encourage me to study hard & try to pull through this hell. Really appreciate you guys~! =)

Anyway, yupz. Am rather immune to that idiot & his loads of rubbish le... =P

Its not as if he has stop his knocking nonsenses & all but its b/c I find him more like a moronic retard clown more than anything else now. Can you imagine everyday when you come back home from work all he would do is to sit as near to the window as possible (so that the sound as be heard as loud as possible by us) & knock with all his might. Gosh, I think I should feel pity for him lei. Haha, what a joker~! Someone tell him to GET A LIFE lei.. =P

Maybe coz he thinks that he got such a disgustingly sickly weak arms that desperately needs to be trained up? Or was it coz he's just contracted parkinson disease? Oh, what poor soul. May he burn in hell....

Maybe he should get a life. Maybe he should go get a girlfriend. But with his attitude & car-run-over face, I doubt he can in a million years maybe?.

Anyway, as I was typing this entry, there he was knocking vigorously for all his might for like 1 minute before stopping & coming back on awhile later. And with that, I am filled with glee. My "entertainment" of the night? Why don;t he entertain me THROUGHOUT the night? =p

Then some may ask, why is it, I was so work up in my last entry when he was doing exactly what he did few nights before. Knocking.

The reason is...

Cos the thought of this damn "over-the-limit" nonsense of hanging his rotten & beggar-torn cloth on the railing right outside our main door (We stay in the corner unit & they in the corridor unit) made me BOIL~! Simple as that..Grrr... =S

We wouldn't mind it if they haven't done this:

Block out passageway with a huge rack of plants, causing our passageway to the reduced by HALF~!

So can you imagine now? We being such tolerant ppl & they pushing their limit by hanging cloth right outside our door (the railing away from our door is darn empty) when we have already such little walking space (not as if we are fat ppl). Talking about respect for the neighbour & all. Rubbish~!

Anyway, am less stress for one thing (until the next nonsense comes along). Tried a little test today. The result turns out quite positive. =)

It works this way:
Look at the pictures below. If they seem to be moving very fast, it means that you are stress & vice versa.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Tell me the results if possible k? Be most interested to know.. =)