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Monday, May 01, 2006
5/01/2006 01:04:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today I have the whole house to myself as everyone is out. But poor me, I am home alone. What to do, can't go out as exams is really drawing too near that even I am sweating about it.. =S

But what I can say is that this is truely one fruitful day for me. Not only did I manage to complete some of my maths mock exams corrections, I also managed to do some self-grooming.. =)

I've even got time to think about some issues & blog.. =)

Well..I didn't score very good for my Maths exams. I should be ashamed to even mention about what kind of lousy grades I got. But, wierd enough I was not feeling this way. In fact, I want to share this to the world.. =S

I am wierd. Indeed wierd.. *Runs off laughing hystericaly*

Ok. I got a feaking 26 for this paper~! =O

Bad it is. But when I got down to do the corrections for this paper I became happier. Not because I have gone mad. It is more of that I know that if given a second chance I would be able to do better than this. On thinking & blogging down this thought, I have become happier by another 100%~! =P

Sometimes, I am really impressed of how optimistic with things~! Thou I've got my days when even I can't get myself optimistic about certain things. After all, hey, I am only HUMAN~! =P

Anyway as for the grooming part, I was using some teeth whitening gel thing that darling bought for me during his US trip. Seems quite useful. At least I don't have to flash my rotten, maggot-infested teeth at others when I smile again... =P

The kit that may give me some nice pearls in my mouth... =)

But of coz all this don't come to me without a price...

Because I gotta wear the plastic mould in my mouth for a good 15 minutes. I ended up having aching jaw & saliva drooling out by the 1st 5 minutes.. =S

After my little grooming session, I went through some stuff in my room hidden in some forgotten corner..

And look what I came across..

My homemade art folio from primary school...

My potrait of a container & fruits. Got a score of 28/30. Gosh, am I that good?! *Faintz*

A potrait of containers. Got a score of 5/10. This is my real standard lahz.. =P

A self painted "wallpaper"..

Another design of wallpaer..

Yet another wallpaper. Such happy colours.. =)

Ok, enough of ranting for the day. May you guys enjoy the day as much as I do. After its a public holiday, so go out have fun. Any kind soul wanna have fun on my behalf too? Hehe