Beautiful Girls

Saturday, May 06, 2006
5/06/2006 10:23:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today was a totally amazing day~! Spent a day with darling & the feeling I get from it all is like as if we were back to the days when we 1st started dating.. =P

So loving. Every touch & affectionate action & word seems so electrifying all over again. Such a wonderful feeling~! Been yearning for this sorta feeling to come back for a long time now.. =p

But its not as if darling hasn't been sweet towards me lately la..haha =P

He came over to meet me at Khatib MRT station in the late morning before we start making our way to Jurong Point. Upon reaching there, we browse around the shops before making our way to buy movie tickets. Its really been some time since we watched a movie at the theatres as we both "cheapo king & queen" always watch downloaded movies on the computer.. =P

We finally decided on Mission Impossible III.

The shows rather good. With all the great bangs & whams. Even I who is not a very keen of action movies find it a thrilling show. So anyone of you looking for some nice movies to catch, this might be a good choice.. =)

Anyway, while waiting to go into the theatres & hanging around, we chanced upon a couple. The lady is so "interesting" that she attracted some attention to herself.. =S

What's so interesting about her?

Well, cos she is HUGE on the front. And I say its really very GIGANTIC. Well, I can't say that I totally don't look at girls with good figure. In fact, I do look at girls & admire them (sometimes some of my friends even ask if I am a lesbian).. =S

And I too have some rather sensible or high sense of taste for girls with good shape or looks. Hmm..but don't be mistaken, its not coz I think that I am too pretty or what, that's why I judge these girls. Its just a pervertic natural habit that I have.. =P

Anyway, back to the main topic..

She was so big & eye-catching that even those se peh peh (A.K.A. Dirty old man), be it young or old come to have a glimpse of her chest.

But from my personal point of view, I think that her dress sense sux. i've definitely got no qualms about girls wearing clothes to compliment & bring out their assets. But definitely not in this way when half her large boobs are threatening to roll out of her skimpy top & her tummy showing. Put it crudely: SHE MIGHT AS WELL NOT WEAR ANYTHING. =S

Such horrible taste of dressing puts me off. Hmm..or could she one of those social escorts of Geylang.. =S

Oops...I am getting mean around here.. =P

Anyway to those who are interested, this is how my darling looks like after being enlisted in the army:

2 weeks ago, when he just enlisted..

2 weeks later.. =)

Well, as you guys can see, he has indeed slim down quite abit. Thou I know that he could do better than this *hint hint*.. =P

Keep up the good work wor, darling~! I kknow you can do it.. =)

Oh, before I end off this entry, just ike to introduce a very nice chocolate cake from Prima Deli. Not a super fantastic cake but enough to set my taste buds tingling with joy. And its cheap enough too. =P


Chocolate fudge cake...*droolz*