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Thursday, May 11, 2006
5/11/2006 08:36:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

A very "special" day today. Cos' instead of the usual cooking of lunch done by Grandma or me eating instant noodles, my sister offered to cook.

Special. Special indeed. =S

Before the "real" cooking started, my poor sis has already suffered a mishap. Just as I was studying in my room which is 1 corner of the house, I heard my sister scream.

Yupz. The usual injury incurred by amature cook. And of cos a very common situation used in movies as well as TV series.

Cutting vegetables & ending up cutting up the finger to add some special flavour to the dish. -_-"

Well, you would expect that there would be blood spurted all over the kitchen with her horrible scream. In fact, she even screamed for help & for ambulance plaster.

But, no. When I went there & passed Grandma the plaster, the poor old lady was desperately looking for the supposed gap in the finger. -_-"

Even I had trouble looking for it. Gosh..*faintz* -_-"

The "gigantic" cut that only micro organism can see.. =P

Running the wound under tap water is the right thing to do. But isn't it abit exagerrated? After all it's just a SMALL wound lei.. -_-"

Hopefully after all the bloodshed, the food will taste great. After all, my sister has paid a price for it right? =P

Chef at work. Working on a secret recipe.

Wow, washing the wok after cooking. No way I would dream myself doing such thing. I HATE washing pots & pans.. =S

After being kept out by sister cos' she locked both me & Grandma out of the kitchen, I (the house reporter) was finally let into the kitchen to take some pics of the by-product to be featured for my blog. Haha, some priviledge I have wor.. =P

Dish 1: Mince pork egg with peas...

Verdict: Salty to no end. I could smell the salt-iness just when sis was cooking it.. -_-"

Fried vergetables..

Verdict: Bland. Super healthy dish. Fried with pinch of salt, big chunks of garlic & no oil. For people who go for healthy eating, this is the dish for you.. -_-"

Soup of the day...

Verdict: Soup with loads of pepper, added with pepper corn which is not smashed (it needs to be smashed so that the flavour will go to the soup) & huge chunks of salted vegetable. I thought I was eating pig organ soup. But this soup at least is one of the best dished cooked that day. Considered the best out of the worst? =P

Ok ok, am a mean sister. But no, I actually am not. More critics calls for more improvement. Isn't this how old masters in olden TV serial treat their disciples? Haha =P

Anyway, with all the effort done. I must say that my sis sure came up with a rather reasonable meal. For display purposes only.

What do you think? =)