Beautiful Girls

Monday, May 08, 2006
5/08/2006 12:06:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Was feeling rather bored so decided to do a little write-up on some "species" of girls whom I will never understand what they are thinking. And whom I totally despise.

Type 1:
What kind of girl is this who sleeps around despite having a boyfriend.

And even has the guts to tell him that she likes to flirt around with other guys.

So easily being taken in just because the guy treat her good at first with little gifts & sweet nothings...

Only later to find out that he was not what she THOUGHT he was.

She likes to be hanging around guys who are already attached seemingly to tempt him to become unfaithful.

She finds it thrilling to do so.

What a she-devil.

Type 2:
What kind of girl is this who ends a relationship after being together for 10 years.

Could it have been the temptations of the outside world is too great for her to bear?

Someone who merely earns more than he then-beau is good enough for her.

Nothing else matters.

What about the sweet memories, the up-& downs that they've been through together, don't they mean anything to her?

Won't she be at the losing end?

Won't she be taking a big risk by breaking up only 10 year?

WIth the motive of falling into the arms of a better "eligible" man, she could come up with excuses that seem obvious.

Excuses that she should have seen this supposed "fault" within the span of the 10 years relationship.

Giving excuses at the expense of his pride.

What a b*tch.

Well, all kinds of girls out there. I am not saying that I am perfect or anything of that kind or expect all girls to be good-2-shoes & stick to their man - good or bad. But certain things have to be done tactfully (with minimal destruction) or with good & sensible reasons. Otherwise, everytime you get into a relationship hoping to break up anytime whenever a "better" man comes along, then why bother to get involve in one in the first place.

I always thought that with respect to the person beside you now, there is always someone else better than him in some corner of the world. Sometimes you many never have the chance to meet him in your life, sometimes you do.

But the bottom line is before you do anything rash, think.

Think about the days you both had together. Think of all the good & sweet things he has done for you & is still doing. But if despite doing all this , can't re-ignite any flame of passion in you, then maybe its really time for you to move on.

That is not only a little advice from me to the world at large (disclaimer applies.. =P), but also serves as a little reminder to myself. As I could get quite unstable at times too.. =S

Oh, before I end off, just would like to show some pic taken during our outing yeaterday before he book in.

He bought a nice nail polish at Missha for me.. =)

Nice? =)

Found this very cute 2-coloured fish in the aquarium in Suntec City, near the Koi pond..

Our regular visit to Carl's junior...

Our fav yummy burito.. =)

Just for a breakfast meal, we finish 3 packs of honey mustard.. =S

Happy happy me.. =)

My shuai shuai darling. Thought that he is getting better & better looking wor..*droolz* =P

One of the best bald pic I took of him.. =)

He has one of the shiniest boots in his bunk~! =)