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Saturday, May 20, 2006
5/20/2006 09:07:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Went to watch Over The Hedge today at Great World City with darling today. Its my 1st time there & I was impressed with the so-called reception area where the tickets are purchased. It looks so grand. But the only thing that turn me off is that the place is so very crowded. Gosh, I thought it was 3rd world war or there freebies being given away.

The grand decoration. Love it.. =)

But I must say that it is worth making an effort there to watch movie (the place is so out of the way - nowhere near any MRT station).

The movie is great too. I love all the characters esp Hammy. Aiyo, he's so cute. Ever so active & all. And the way they try to take food from the human was so hilarious. So, not only it is a great movie for the kids, it is also entertaining enough for the adults. Well, ok. I mean the adults who are still young at heart.. =P

Hmm..not a very complimenting photo of myself. But at least the poster is nice.. =P

The characters of the cartoon...

Saw this amazing tank filled with gigantic fishes inside a chinese restaurant. Can't help but take a picture of it. Woah~! =S

After the movie, we went to explore the place. Hmm..didn't really have the mood to shop around / buy things. Don't know what's wrong with me. In the past when I was younger & with my regular shopping khaki I would jump at any chance to shop. But not anymore. Could it be because I have become older?

But one thing I know for sure, its not because I've become poorer. Wonder if this is a common symptom as one gets older? =S

After much begging persuasion, he finally convinced me to eat ice-cream. So we went to try out Ben & Jerry's. Wah~! Its my 1st time there & the ice-cream is hell of an expensive~! =S

Imagine paying $5.50 for an ice-cream~! I could get some delicious ice-cream from the "pa-pu-pa-pu" man on the rickety bike downstair of my block at $1~! =O

The very "expensive" ice-cream...

Close-up shot...


Saw this pose by darling which is quite a "killer" so I decided to capture it~! Oh, bless whoever who invented the camera~! Haha =P

Its really an indulgence day for me today. Not only have we gone to try expensive ice-cream, we also went to buy a piece of cake from Sweet Secrets~! =S

Love the design of the box~! Looks like newspaper.. =P

Looks delicious enough right? Name of the cake is CONCORDE...

After which we went to eat more food at the food court. Darling seems to enjoy her korean set. But as for me, well, the beef noodle sux big time. Never have I eaten such horrible beef that is so tough, I can't swallow it after taking great effort chewing it. Yuks~! =S

The ekky beef noodle.. =S

That's me TRYING hard to eat the food... =S

The korean set that looks tasty enough for darling. But not for me... =S

See...all eaten... =S

Saw this cute chicken rice signboard...

Saw this unusal thing in the supermarket...

Square watermelon?! =S

And its freaking expensive~! I'd be mad to buy it for consumption... =S

On our way back, we stop by Orchard Road. As it was the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE (I think so), it was so crowded there. So we both went to join in the fun. Went to try some clothes from Daniel Yan. Wa...thou I was the 2nd in the Q, I had to wait so long. Coz the only 2 dressing rooms they had were occupied for almost an eternity.

I was like thinking to myself: What's taking them so long to change into these clothes? Is it coz they are trying very hard to squeeze into those clothes? Or are they simply admiring themselves in the mirror & fantasizing about what occassions they are going to wear the clothes too? =S

At one moment, the uncle collecting rubbish came over to ask the changing room attendant of there is any rubbish to be thrown away from the changing rooms. And the attendant pointed at both changing rooms & said sacartically: Come back tomorrow... -_-"

This is almost like the same situation in the female toilets. It is always the female toilets where the Q is the longest & the wait is the longest. What's talking them so long? =S

Is it really that difficult to pull down their bottom to do their business? =S

But I've in fact heard sayings that when the ladies go to the toilet they will carefully lay the toilet seat with paper (sorta like doing their very own masterpiece on the seat) before sitting down to do their business. Well, if that's the case then it seems quite logical for being so long inside there.

But it seems logical in the sense, do they really have to go to such extent? =S

I am mean? I don't know also.... =S

Oops...think I've sidetrack too much... =P

Back to the main topic... =)

When it was finally my turn to try the clothes, it ended up that the clothes were too big for me. The sizes go all the way from large onwards. I know why they are sale items...

There goes my dream of owning a Daniel Yan dress. Oh well, take it that I've managed to save some $$ instead? Hehe

Actually, not quite. Coz at the end of the day I still bought a pair of slipper that I've always wanted for myself.. =P

Anyway, I don't know about other people. But when your boyfriend buy girly things for you, how would you feel?

For example this?

For me, I will feel somewhat happy in the sense that he cares for my well-being. But I am definitely not some girl who leech onto my boyfriend hoping that he pays for ALL my expenses. I've still got some backbone k? And furthermore, I don't believe in spending beyond your own budget (except for some unforseen circumstances that may befall on me)... =P

But of coz he can't be doing that for too often, if not I will be feeling like this: -_-".

Oh before I forget, for those who left a comment on the entry submitted by darling dated 12 May, he's replied to your comments. So feel free to go take a look.. =)